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TECSOL Teacher Training program

TECSOL (Teaching English to Child Speakers of Other Languages) - Child psychology and language development, materials and activities for teaching children, teaching methodology, language awareness... it's all included in this exciting 4 week programme.

We offers a 4 week TECSOL teacher training programme that prepares teachers for teaching English at kindergarten and primary schools. The course includes a practicum at a New Zealand primary school. The TECSOL course is a pre-requisite for the J-Shine approved Japanese Primary Teacher Certification Programme. The J-Shine course takes 2 weeks and successful candidates can attain a licence to become a Japanese Teacher of English (JTE) in Japan.

You can take the TECSOL Teacher Training program at the following locations:


The TECSOL Certificate is a passport to working and seeing the world, providing the necessary tools and practical training for graduates to pursue EFL teaching positions around the world. As demand for English Language Teaching for children continues to increase worldwide, more jobs are becoming available overseas than ever before.

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