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Argentina benefits from a highly literate populace which places a premium on education - including English language instruction. Once among the wealthiest countries in South America, Argentina has had its fair share of economic woes in recent years. The good news is that since 2002 the economy has grown, poverty has declined, and there has been a strong rebound of the middle class. As the nation forges ahead, more and more people are realizing the importance of - and are able to afford - English language classes.

Almost half of Argentina's population lives in the province of Buenos Aires, and many of the nation's English teaching jobs can be found there. As a TEFL teacher in Buenos Aires, you will likely find the most work teaching English to professionals and business executives. However, you may also have the opportunity to tutor students studying for exams, families preparing for a trip abroad, or others looking to improve their English skills.

Teacher Training in Buenos AiresTEFL Training in Buenos Aires
Completely renovated in 2008, our spacious TEFL training center in Buenos Aires offers first-class facilities in a historic part of town. There are two fully equipped classrooms for the use of our TEFL classes, a comfortable work area for planning lessons, a small computer lab, as well as free WiFi. The training center is located in San Telmo, one of the most traditional and picturesque neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. Click here to learn more.

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Teacher Training in Argentina"I absolutely loved my experience! I took the four-week course in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I had a great time learning from [my instructor] - he has a wonderful sense of humor and was very helpful when it came to getting to know the city. I always looked forward to the afternoon when we had our teaching practice; there was always a nice sized class full of students of various speaking abilities. It greatly prepared me for what I would encounter when I started teaching."

"Within a week of completing my TEFL course, I had various job interviews. This was all thanks to the job liaison provided to me by the school. I took a job with a language institute and worked for them for the entire duration of my stay in Buenos Aires. I worked for them during the day while teaching private lessons at night. Because of my work, I was able to see tons of the city and meet lots of people. It was a wonderful experience and I thank TEFL school in Argentina for being a great contributor to my experience!"

Jennifer Hodges
TEFL in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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