Supervision of Students.

Supervision of students is an important issue. The school has a duty of care, which is a legal responsibility for our students, in particular those under 16 years old. The following levels of supervision are provided.

At the Residence and on Campus

Staff are always on duty in the evening and in the residence at night. In addition there is 24 hour security. Students are strictly prohibited from leaving the residence unsupervised. During the evening students are only allowed in the playing areas in front of the residence, where members of staff are also present.

Permission to leave the grounds

Camp personnel and directors are aware that many of our senior campers enjoy a certain level of freedom at home and expect to be able to meet with friends and go off-campus in an unsupervised fashion. For this reason we allow our students a limited number of unescorted trips off-campus during each 2-week session. The specific days, frequency and times are determined by the camp director.


Staff to student ratios are strictly enforced and students are double checked on and off buses. During excursions, free time is often given for the students to explore a designated area, e.g. a shopping area. Students can do this in small groups unsupervised but they are told the time and place to meet and also where staff will be during their free time.


Any absence from class is immediately reported to the Camp Director and investigated.

Phones and E-mail

We know how important it is for you and your child to be able to keep in touch, so we've made iteasy for campers to call home. Every student will receive a international calling card upon arrival that can be activated and charged with 5 Euro and up at the camp's reception desk. Phone cards can be used from any telephone, whether a land line on-campus or an off-campus phone while students are on an excursion.

Spanish Language CoursesCampers may also use their cellular phones to call home, but only during the designated hours setby each camp. Each camp has an answering machine where you can leave messages for your child and an emergency number in case you need to contact the camp director. We will send you this information one month before your child's arrival. Our camp has computers with email access.

Medical Assistance and Insurance

The camp has an infirmary and 24 hour first aid care on-site to ensure the health and well being of the students. If your child has any chronic medical concerns, allergies, special dietary needs or other requirements, simply notify us in writing, preferably at the time of registration. If your child plans to bring their own medicine to the camp, please send it with him/her, along with full instructions on its correct use.

Additionally, it may be advisable for the student to carry a report of special medical needs from his/her doctor. Any new medicines or off-site care required while the student is at camp are not covered by the program cost. However, all students are covered by insurance for on-camp medical assistance, included in the price of the program.

Rules for Students.

The use of alcohol and drugs is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Students found to be in possession of alcohol or drugs may be reported to the police and their course terminated with no refund given. The school does not accept any liability for students who are under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal substances. No smoking is permitted while on the course. This applies to all students. Group leaders may only smoke in designated areas, outside the campus buildings.

Students are expected to keep their bedrooms tidy and put their litter in bins provided. Students are not permitted to leave the campus unsupervised without permission.

Students must leave the communal areas in the residence when "quiet time" will start.

We reserve the right to terminate without notice the course of any student who persistently misconducts him/herself during the program, or who fails to meet the attendance requirements of the course. There is no refund of fees to students whose courses are terminated in this way. If a student is a part of a group, the group leader must be involved in any disciplinary procedures that are enforced.

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