Junior Summer Camp: Spanish Classes.

Our summer language courses are organized into 20 lessons per week, with 4 lessons everyday, Monday through Friday. Each class is 45 minutes in length, and we set a maximum of 12 students per class in order to ensure individualized attention.

The carefully designed curriculum emphasizes conversation and communication, so that students may take full advantage of their surroundings and apply what they are learning by speaking with friends during the remainder of the day. The morning class hours are the only time when Spanish and international students are separated; they rejoin in the afternoon and at nightfor a variety of activities. The syllabi are 100% compatible with the U.S.credit system.

Our Spanish Teachers.

The success of all learning efforts depends on a teaching team trained and equipped to motivate their students. To this end, we've carefully selected a highly qualified and energetic faculty for our camps. The Spanish teachers are all natives with at least 5-year university degrees in Spanish Linguistics and Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.

Most of the teachers have a Master and/or Doctorate in Spanish and all hold the CAP (Certificate of Teaching Ability). Our summer camp faculty is experienced in teaching young people of various ages and implements a wide array of techniques and activities that speak to every age group and learning type.
Spanish Language Courses


The language curriculum is designed keeping in mind atall times that we are a Summer Camp. In other words, classes are conceived to be sufficiently interesting and entertaining to motivate students to the fullest, but we simultaneously optimize class time by encouraging conversation and discussion in a serious and professional manner.

Our aim is for students to enjoy themselves while learning as much as possible in a short period of time. The methodology is centered on a communicative approach, utilizing diverse techniques to cover the fundamentals of language learning: grammar, speaking, listening, vocabulary, pronunciation, writing and intercultural competence.

Teaching Materials and Levels.

Spanish Language Courses
Our teaching materials are designed for each age group and subdivided into varying levels of linguistic competence. The kit, comprised principally of a text and workbook corresponding appropriately to each class,is issued to the studenton the firstday of the course. Other multimedia audio-visual tools are also employed to present lessons and take full advantage of our modern facilities.

Every student takes a placement test on the first day of classes in order to determine their language level. They are consequently placed into one of 6 levels, from very beginner to proficiency.

A completion certificate to show off students' accomplishments.

After completing the course students will receive a certificate for the whole course if they attended at least 85% of the classes. This will record: the course they have taken, duration, objectives and level of Spanish, special subjects, additional courses and number of hours. If they attended less than 85% of the classes, the certificate will only record the actual number of classes (hours) they attended. For students from the United States, we give the assessment results according to the American grading system.

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