Arrival by Air, Bus or Train

If your child arrives in Malaga to the airport, bus or train station, you may request a private transfer service to our camp site. In order to use this service, it is imperative to provide us with complete flight information atleast 7 days before arrival. If you opt for private transfer, one of our staff members will greet your child outside of the customs area with a sign that includes the camp logo and the student's name, and then take them to camp.

Note: This service cannot be guaranteed when last minute changes of flights or arrival times are made.

Arrival by Car

Parents that want to bring their children to camp on the first day of the session may do so, arriving after 2:00 pm. Please let your children know at what time you plan to pick them up.

Other Suggestions


We suggest that students purchase the camp uniform package in order to avoid concerns over whatto pack, losing or damaging personal items, etc. The package includes 6 T-shirts, 1 sweatshirt, 2 pairs of shorts and a baseball cap. You should order the uniform atleast 10 days before the student's arrival; it will be delivered to the student during the firstday of camp.


Our programs include laundry service once every two weeks. We ask that students bring a laundry bag and highly recommend marking your child's full name on all personal articles.

Special Diet:

Our kitchens are equipped to prepare food for students with special dietary needs (vegetarian, allergies, etc.). Simply notify us about special requirements upon nrollment and we will pass this information to the camp director and kitchen personnel.

Pocket Money

Spanish Language CoursesUpon arrival, students may deposit their money in the camp bank for safekeeping and withdraw money as needed. Each student's group monitor will note deposits and withdrawals and keep an eye on the student's spending habits, in order to help them budget their money. If you anticipate that your child will need additional money, it will be your responsibility to deliver said funds, because the school cannot receive or deliver money to students at our camp sites.

Medical Assistance and Insurance

Each camp has an infirmary and 24 hour first aid care on-site to ensure the health and well being of the students. If your child has any chronic medical concerns, allergies, special dietary needs or other requirements, simply notify us in writing, preferably at the time of registration. If your child plans to bring their own medicine to the camp, please send it with him/her, along with full instructions on its correct use.

Additionally, it may be advisable for the student to carry a report of special medical needs from his/her doctor. Any new medicines or off-site care required while the student is at camp are not covered by the program cost. However, all students are covered by insurance for on-camp medical assistance, included in the price of the program.

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