Business Spanish Language Courses in Tenerife Spain!

Business Spanish intensive language courses are designed for those students and business professionals that are looking to acquire basic Business Spanish language skills necessary to communicate comfortably in professional situations. To complement these linguistic tools, the course will also address current Spanish and international business-related topics.

You will study Business Spanish together with active business professionals taking the course to advance their careers, recent college graduates hoping to launch a career in Spain and current university students.

In the complete 4-week Business Spanish program, you will participate in 20 general Spanish classes per week, plus 10 specialized classes focused on the Spanish for Business. While we recommend you complete the entire course, we have designed a flexible curriculum to allow you to join the class at any time during the program for 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks. By completing the full 4-week Business Spanish program not only will you enjoy the advantages of studying all of the material in logical order but you will also leave the course well prepared for the Basic Spanish Certificate in Business granted by the Madrid Chamber of Commerce.

If you have limited time and a strong command of Spanish, you may opt to take the business specialization portion of the course, 2 daily classes of business-focused classes, without the Intensive Spanish course.

Business Spanish Course Topics:

  • Business and financial management in Spain
  • Spanish labor market
  • Spain and the European Union
  • Marketing and advertising
  • International trade
  • The stock market
  • The tourism industry
  • Trade relations
  • Spanish banking
  • Tax Legislation

Private Business Spanish Courses

Starting dates: Any Monday
One private lesson € 46
5 Lessons per week € 207 per week
10 Lessons per week € 368 per week
Additional Classes (+10) € 35 per lesson

Spanish Language Courses in Tenerife, Spain: Course Guide.

Spanish Language Courses in Tenerife Spain Students at our Spanish language school learn Spanish as they learned their native language - through practice and continuous communication.

We offer a wide range of Spanish courses. You can study Spanish language and Culture from one week to an academic year. In Tenerife, you'll find more different courses and flexible start dates than at any other Spanish language school in the city.

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