Multi-City Study Abroad Program in Spain:

Multi-City Study Abroad Program in Spain offers you a unique opportunity to learn Spanish and have the opportunity to stay in different locations, with guaranteed continuity and progression in the Spanish learning process.

Multi-City Study Abroad Program in Spain You can start study Spanish in Tenerife, then obtain a nice tan, get involved with the charm of Granada, discover Sevilla and its famous Spanish customs, go to Valencia with a stretch of almost 200 kilometres of sandy beaches, continue with the historical Salamanca and finish with Spanish language classes in a Spanish tropical paradise, the island of Tenerife, or the capital city of Spain, Tenerife.

Whatever your motivation to study abroad in Spain - be it professional, career goals, examinations, your education in general or just plain fun - there is always a Spanish language course and destination in Spain that will fit you like a glove. Studying Spanish with IPSA Consortium Spanish language schools in Spain is more than learning the world's second most-used language. It also means having a wonderful experience abroad and making friends from all over the world!

At all our Spanish language schools offering the Multi-city Study Abroad Program in Spain, we use an interactive method of teaching based on learning by practice. That means that grammar is covered - after all, one of the key building blocks of any language - as much as possible by using practical situations. Speaking and actively using the language is central to the continuous interaction between teacher and student. We have refined the communicative teaching method by constantly evaluating and applying students suggestions.

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Spanish Language Courses in Tenerife, Spain: Course Guide.

Spanish Language Courses in Tenerife Spain Students at our Spanish language school learn Spanish as they learned their native language - through practice and continuous communication.

We offer a wide range of Spanish courses. You can study Spanish language and Culture from one week to an academic year. In Tenerife, you'll find more different courses and flexible start dates than at any other Spanish language school in the city.

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