Spanish Language Courses for Professionals - Learn Spanish in Spain!

Our Spanish for Professionals programs are designed so you will meet your professional Spanish goals in a short period of time. Our Spanish Language schools in Spain has built its reputation on providing outstanding Spanish language programs to professionals and executive students.

We have years of experience in corporate Spanish language training and executive Spanish immersion programs. Professionals come to us from all fields, including law, medicine, education, government and business.

Whether your Spanish language goal is to negotiate for a multinational company or simply to be able to get around during your business trips abroad, our programs give you what you need. We offer:

  • Platinum Spanish Courses for Executives
    These programs offers you the highest quality intensive Spanish course tailored to your individual needs, with our expert instructors and dedicated one-on-one Spanish teaching.

  • Intensive Business Spanish Courses
    You will learn Business Spanish together with active business professionals taking the course to advance their careers, with recent college graduates hoping to launch a career in Spain and woth current university students.

  • Spanish Courses for Teachers of Spanish
    The main objective of this course is to offer teachers of Spanish professional support, giving and exchanging information on the development and new uses of Spanish and touching on the most controversial formal aspects of Spanish grammar.

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