Spanish Courses for Executives & Professionals - Learn Spanish in Spain!

The Platinum Spanish language courses for executives and professionals are designed for individuals and small groups who desire an accelerated intensive Spanish language course tailored to your professional Spanish language needs. The program offers you the highest quality intensive Spanish course with our expert instructors and dedicated one-on-one teaching.

Your Spanish teacher will advise you from the beginning to the end of your course, analyzing your Spanish learning goals and creating a personalized program of content, timetable, and complementary activities including company visits, cultural tours, and excursions. Whether you plan to arrive alone or in a small group, we are available to prepare personalized content for you on a specific business topic, a technical area, or any other subject.

Spanish Language Courses in Spain Curriculum is designed based on a combination of factors such as: your proficiency level, your proficiency goals, and your job-related Spanish needs. We also design role-play situations to match your use of Spanish in everyday life and in the workplace. We can prepare you for giving presentations, engaging in telephone conversations, corresponding with business email, faxes and more.

The job that you do in your particular field is unique and so are your needs in Spanish. We have specially designed curriculum for lawyers, accountants, engineers, doctors, business people, geologists, artists, sales people, managers, government employees, software specialists, teachers, ministers, secretaries, graphics designers, real estate developers, architects, investors, and human resource specialists, just to name a few.

At our Spanish Language schools in Spain you'll find a dedicated and experienced faculty, the most modern and efficient methodology, the latest technology, and a friendly environment in which to learn your new language.

  • Platinum Intensive Spanish Course
    20 Spanish lessons per week, in mini-group of 1- 4 students.

  • Platinum Plus Intensive Spanish Course
    20 mini-group classes plus 5 classes one-to-one per week.

  • Platinum Super Intensive Spanish Course
    20 mini-group classes plus 10 classes one-to-one per week

  • Platinum Super-immersion Spanish Course
    20 mini-group classes plus 15 classes one-to-one per week

    When you choose a Platinum Super-intensive or Super-immersion course, five of your weekly one-to-one hours will be made up by a daily conversational lunch with your teacher, designed to develop your comfort in social business settings. Your lunch is included in the course price.

Barcelona, Madrid, Salamanca, Tenerife, Valencia

Premium Group Spanish Courses

Starting dates: any Monday.
  1 week
25 group lessons + 4 private Skype lessons
Super Intensive
30 group lessons + 4 private Skype lessons + 5 private lessons
  • Fully personalized attention
  • Maximum of 3 students in the group course
  • Special VIP treatment: coffee included during the break
  • Includes conversation classes during a daily lunch in a restaurant with professionals or professors.
  • Pre exam and oral level test by phone before arrival
  • 2 Skype private classes before arrival and upon departure to ensure your learning success

Premium Private Spanish Courses

Starting dates: any weekday.
  1 student 2 students
Per lesson 40 30
5 lessons 180 135
10 lessons 320 240
  • Prices for 2 students listed are per student

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