Spanish Courses for Teens in Marbella, Spain. International Summer Camps in Spain.

Spanish language courses for children offer unique opportunity for kids and teens between 5 and 18 years of age to learn Spanish - while they enjoy the unforgettable experience of a fun and active summer holiday abroad in Spain. We offer junior summer Spanish courses for children in Spain in different cities: Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Marbella, Salamanca, Marbella, and Valencia.

The Sevilla Junior Program consists of 20 hours of Spanish classes per week according to their language level, which we determine on the first day with a placement test. Each class lasts 45 minutes, and all course syllabi are 100% compatible with the U.S. academic credit system. The program also includes a variety of activities and excursions, ranging from Sevillanas dance classes and cooking lessons to trips to Matalascañas Beach, Cádiz and more!

Outside of the school, teen participants enjoy an independent lifestyle, and are therefore responsible for getting to and from their commitments (classes, activities, meals, etc.). Students are also responsible for making their curfew, which is 11:30pm from Sunday to Thursday and 12:30am on Friday and Saturday.

This independent lifestyle also means that, unlike in our other camps, afternoon activities and excursions are optional.

Spanish Language Courses in Marbella SpainOur Special Junior Summer Camp Program for Teens in Marbella is designed for students 14 to 17 years old who would like to spend a summer learning Spanish in Spain.

Your child will always study in a group of 12 or fewer students in order to ensure he gets the individualized attention he needs to make real progress in Spanish.

The carefully designed curriculum emphasizes Spanish conversation and communication, encouraging your children to take full advantage of the international summer camp and apply what they learn each day by talking and interacting with friends in Spanish.

Sevilla Junior Program participants will attend classes in the heart of the historic Santa Cruz neighborhood, just steps away from major Sevilla attractions like the Cathedral, the Alcázar, the Ayuntamiento (City Hall) and much more.

For more information about summer Spanish courses for Teens in Marbella, please review International Junior Summer Spanish Language Camp in Marbella, Spain online brochure.

Follow the link to review Dates and Fees for Sumeer courses for Teens in Marbella.

Spanish Language Courses in Marbella, Spain: Course Guide.

Spanish Language Courses in Marbella Spain Students at our Spanish language school learn Spanish as they learned their native language - through practice and continuous communication.

We offer a wide range of Spanish courses. You can study Spanish language and Culture from one week to an academic year. In Marbella, you'll find more different courses and flexible start dates than at any other Spanish language school in the city.

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