Spanish School in Marbella: Accreditation and Certifications.

Our Spanish language schools in Spain have earned prestigious certifications including recognition as accredited centers by the Instituto Cervantes, and the Certificate for Excellence in Teaching Spanish as Foreign Language (CEELE) awarded by the Spanish department of the University of Alcalá de Henares and the association of Spanish Economic Resources. This is an official certificate which guarantees high standards and academic excellence of our Spanish language school in Marbella.

Spanish language school in Marbella is a member of ACELE association that was founded in 1999 with the purpose of refining a 23-year old project of the Board of Education, initiated by teachers, students and the community. ACELE wishes to propagate qualitative education of foreign languages and make it available to any interested student.

American universities grant academic credit for our courses, and we are approved by the German and Swiss governments for their scholarship programs, as well.

Spanish Federation of Associations of Spanish schools for foreigners

Spanish Language Courses Spanish language school in Marbella is accredited by by fedele. The Spanish Federation of Associations of Spanish schools for foreigners (fedele) was founded on the initiative of the regional associations of Andalusia Castile and Leon and Madrid. Among the main objectives of fedele are to represent the second language Spanish teaching sector in negotiations with the Spanish Government. Schools accredited by fedele agree to provide quality teaching and services, as well as student guarantees.

Membership in Federations and Associations

The Federation of International Youth Travel Organisations - FIYTO - is the world's only membership association and trade forum for companies and organisations specialising in youth travel and tourism.

Spanish Language Courses ALTO was established in 1998 in Miami, Florida. Since then ALTO has grown to an association of buyers and sellers of language travel programmes and national language travel associations, with a presence in over 40 countries. ALTO's mission is to encourage "in country" learning of foreign languages.

Spanish Language Courses NAFSA: Association of International Educators the leading professional organization promoting the exchange of students and scholars to and from the United States. NAFSA is a member organization promoting international education and providing professional development opportunities to the field. NAFSA has nearly 9,000 members at 3,500 institutions worldwide, representing 94 countries.

Spanish Language Courses European Association for International Education. The EAIE is a non-profit organisation whose main aim is the stimulation and facilitation of the internationalisation of higher education in Europe and around the world, and to meet the professional needs of individuals active international education.

Spanish Language Courses The "Instituto Nacional de Consumo" (National Consumers' Institute), in accordance with the Spanish constitution, this department oversees and promotes the rights of users and consumers

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