Accommodations in Marbella Spain

At our language school in Marbella, we understand that the quality of your accommodation in Spain will play an integral part in your study abroad experience. We accordingly take special care to make sure that each and every one of our housing options will make you feel comfortable, cozy, safe, and at home.

One of our staff members personally visits each accommodation and carefully judges the quality of the site through a strict approval process. During more than 15 years of experience choosing accommodations, our guidelines and procedures have proven to be highly effective.


Living with a host family has two major benefits. First, it's the best way to get to know Spanish culture and see what daily life is like for a native Spaniard. Secondly, our host families will speak to you in Spanish 100% of the time, helping you practice the skills you're working on in class in an authentic context.

Host families are carefully selected to ensure that your stay be as pleasant as possible. We do our best to find home stays that will treat you as part of the family.

We will always try to accommodate you within 10-30 minutes - on foot or via public transportation - from the school. You may choose between a single or double room as well as half board (breakfast & dinner) or full board (all meals).

If you are a vegetarian, have allergies to pets or any other special requests, just let us know in advance and we'll do our best to satisfy your needs.


  Double Room Single Room
Half-board 199 per week 219 per week
Full Board 229 per week 249 per week

Shared Student Flat in Marbella

Spanish Language Courses in Marbella SpainStudent residences are centrically located in Marbella, at a maximum of 20-30 minutes from the school. Choosing this type of accommodation will allow you to meet international and - in some cases - Spanish students in a stimulating and fun environment. You may choose between a single or double room and half board (breakfast & dinner) or full board (breakfast, lunch & dinner). Access to a private bathroom may be possible, but there are very few available.

Shared Student Flat

Meals Room Type Price
Not included Double € 89 per week
Not included Single € 149 per week
Private bathroom - +€ 45 per week

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