Spanish Language School in Málaga, Spain!

Our Spanish Language School in Málaga offers high quality intensive Spanish language immersion courses for college students, interested adults and professionals at affordable prices.

Málaga is currently one of the most popular destination in Spain for studying Spanish. Located on the southern, Mediterranean, coast of Spain it benefits from the famously moderate Mediterranean climate and all the cultural heritage and influences (history, architecture, music, dance, gastronomy, etc.) of the many different peoples of the region.

In Málaga, you will discover the "passion and mystery" of Andalucia. Andalucia is the home of Flamenco and you can go to a Flamenco show or see spontaneous music and dancing in the streets and bars of Málaga.

When you visit Sevilla, Granada, Ronda and Nerja on our excursions you will discover the enormous variety and richness of the Andalucian countryside: the sea and mountains, seemingly endless plains of olive or orange trees stretching to the horizon, gorges and green river valleys, arid semi-desert, the pine forests of the many national parks, the lakes of the "Coto Doñana" - truly something for everyone!

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Why Study at our Spanish Language School in Málaga, Spain!

Malaga Language Courses Once you have taken the sensible decision to study Spanish, you will find a confusing multitude of offers available on the Internet. How can you decide which is the most suitable school for you and, perhaps more importantly, which of the schools provide the quality that you are looking for?

To help you to make an informed decision, the following are what we believe to be the 3 main distinguishing features of our school:

  • Mini-campus environment: with its 110-bedroom residence, the school buildings form a mini-campus creating an extremely welcoming and friendly environment.

  • Serious academic approach: Our Spanish Language School in Málaga has over 30 years experience in teaching Spanish to overseas students, in creating its own teaching materials and developing its teaching philosophy.

  • Range of courses: we offer an extremely comprehensive range of courses. There are some 12 different courses in total - you should be able to find the one for you!

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We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Spanish Language School in Málaga, Spain!

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