Certificates & Diplomas

The students will receive, according to their effort made during the course and the level studied, an Attendance Certificate or one of the following diplomas:

Certificate of Attendance: For Beginners and Basic levels (A1 & A2)

Diploma, Intermediate Level: On completion of Intermediate level (B1)

Diploma, Advanced Level: On completion of Advanced level (B2)

Diploma, Superior Level: On completion of Superior level (C1)

Diploma, Proficiency Level: On completion of Proficiency level (C2)

The Certificate and Diplomas are issued by our school as a private center and are signed by the teacher and Head of Studies. The number of course hours, the level studied and the final mark achieved are stated.

Students can also obtain the DIE (International Diploma of Spanish), an official diploma issued by the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca. To obtain this diploma students must previously pass an exam given at our school on the last class day, outside class hours. The Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca has set its prices for these exams.

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