Work Experience in Russia

Working abroad has become extremely popular in recent years not only because these exciting assignments represent the experience of a lifetime. Young people are increasingly looking at work abroad options for a number of very practical reasons, which go beyond the obvious fact that working abroad looks good on any CV.

Students choose Work Experience because they want to:

  • do something meaningful in a gap year
  • explore career options
  • develop social competence skills
  • acquire proficient language skills
  • immerse in a different culture

St. Petersburg Language CoursesOur school is one of the first organisations to offer meaningful study and work programs in Russia. Our aim is to give students a unique insight into the Russian daily life of our times. Although the assignments we offer are all supervised by our school, the experience inside our host organisations will be very authentic.

For legal reasons, all work experience assignments in Russia are unpaid. Students need also to be aware that accommodation and insurances must be covered by themselves. Liden & Denz offers inexpensive rooms on a shared-flat basis (shared with our other students) but work experience students are under no obligation to book their accommodation with us.

Work experience students need a sufficient level of Russian in order to qualify for one of the places on offer. The entry level (language competence on arrival) should be at least A2. We further require a minimum of four weeks in a standard group course (or three weeks one-to-one) in one of our centres prior to the start of the work assignment.

The general minimum age for our work experience programs is 18. However some host organisation do require a higher age.

St. Petersburg Language CoursesWork experience programs can last from two weeks to half a year, depending on the requirements of our host organizations.

Our school in St. Petersburg offers two kind of work experience programs (as defined by the WYSE Work Abroad Association): An Internship is a temporary, supervised, practical experience program in which a young person, usually a college or university student, carries out a training experience in a temporary position at a host company. A Volunteer program is a temporary, supervised, practical training in which a person voluntarily carries out a task which has social, environmental or cultural relevance.

Internships with our school in St. Petersburg

Our school currently provides internships in following areas (click links below for pdf factsheets):

The required skill set depends on the position applied for (check with above factsheets).

Volunteer Program in St. Petersburg

Volunteer programs in Russia focus on the opportunity to work with orphan and disadvantaged children where volunteers can leave lasting, positive results in the lives of the less fortunate: our school offers volunteer programs with following types of host organisations (click links below for pdf factsheets):

Please check with our booking office for a full list of currently available work experience offers.

Our school charges a non-refundable placement fee for work experience students (see section on dates and fees for details). Please check also our booking section for information on the exact procedure.

Russian Language Courses in St. Petersburg, Russia: Course Guide.

Russian Language Courses in Russia We teach you to speak Russian language. Speaking Russian is not just saying "words" in Russian language, but how you say them. This is why we work on the Russian pronunciation, intonation and rhythm.

Students at our Russian language school learn Russian language through practice and continuous communication. We offer a wide range of Russian courses. You can study Russian language and Culture from one week to an academic year. Click on the course name to learn details about each Spanish course you can take in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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