Russian Language Courses in St. Petersburg, Russia

All our courses are based on communicative approaches and combine learning common expressions used in everyday situations with thorough and systematic grammatical approach. This is of vital importance for learning a language like Russian, which has an inflectional system and a non-fixed word order - a language in which word endings or word's place create the meaning.

Conversational topics are given with appropriate grammar structures, while the grammar part of the course proceeds gradually from simple "basic concepts" to more complex issues in a psychologically proven order (e.g. naming objects - describing locations - actions with objects - moving to and from, etc.). One of our most important principles consists in giving our students the linguistic means to express themselves in everyday situations by constant training of communicative skills and models, which allows learners to reach their own communicative objectives.

We also offer Russian for Special Purposes (RSP). RSP courses are a combination of a standard group course (20 weekly lessons) with an additional 5 weekly individual lessons (one-to-one). The group lessons are taken together with other students taking our standard course. The individual lessons focus on the specific needs of students working in one of the following sectors:

  • Hotel and tourism (hospitality)
  • Airline staff (flight attendants)
  • Alpine ski instructors

Language Plus: Our Language Plus is designed as mini-group modules on Business Russian, Music and Literature. These modules can be taken year-round on official Group Courses starting dates. They can be booked only in addition to any Group or One-to-One course and consist of 5 lessons held in the afternoons usually on Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesdays/Thursdays with 2 lessons on one day and 3 lessons on the second - starting from 14.30. The maximum number of students in a class is 5.

Russian Language Courses in St. Petersburg, Russia: Course Guide.

Russian Language Courses in Russia We teach you to speak Russian language. Speaking Russian is not just saying "words" in Russian language, but how you say them. This is why we work on the Russian pronunciation, intonation and rhythm.

Students at our Russian language school learn Russian language through practice and continuous communication. We offer a wide range of Russian courses. You can study Russian language and Culture from one week to an academic year. Click on the course name to learn details about each Spanish course you can take in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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