Activity Program

At our Russian Language school in St. Petersburg we combine intensive studies with a wide range of excursions and other cultural and social activities year round to give our students an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the magnificent city of St. Petersburg and - no less important - with the way of life in Russia. Some activities are free, such as the city tour for new students and our Friday cocktail. Other activities are sold at reasonable rates. The current cultural program is available at the reception and on the Internet and is given to every new student.

Sample Activities


St. Petersburg Language CoursesPeterhof - Fountains, pavilions, baroque extravagance and a sheer abundance of grandeur. Of all the former residences of the tsars, the "Russian Versailles" tops the list for visitors to Petersburg. The city founder's pleasure palace has entered architectural history with its park containing 173 water fountains.rn

Dostoyevsky in St.Petersburg

Our walking tour traces the footsteps of the heroes of Dostoevsky's novels around the Sennaya Ploshchad in old St.Petersburg.

Walking city tour

St. Petersburg Language CoursesDon't miss the opportunity to make the first impression of the historical city center and to discover the most important places of interest.


If it's your first visit - discover the Hermitage museum with our guide. The collection of fine arts is one of the largest in he world. It includes more than 3 000 000 masterpieces of da Vinci, Rembrandt, van Gogh, Cezanne, Monet, Picasso, Rodin and many more.

Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo) - the former country residence of the Russian emperors

St. Petersburg Language CoursesThis small town near the airport has seen more name changes than St. Petersburg, but the locals still call it Pushkin. As a schoolboy, the great poet attended the elite Alexander Lycee here, later spending time on his datcha close to the tsar's palaces. Tsarskoje Selo is a fine example of the luxuriant and cocooned world of the tsars. We will visit the magnificent Catherine's Palace with its legendary amber room, before enjoying the park.

The State Russian Museum

St. Petersburg Language CoursesThe State Russian Museum is the worldīs largest museum of Russian art. The museum is housed in the former Mikhailovsky Palace, a stunning monument of Empire architecture. The collection of the Russian Museum numbers some 400,000 works and covers the entire history of Russian fine art from the tenth century to the present day.

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