Russian language school in Moscow: U.S. College Credit.

Study abroad in Russia! Spend a semester or summer abroad in Moscow Russia studying Russian at one of the best Russian language schools.

You can enroll in the Study Abroad Program in Moscow Russia of any duration with flexible starting dates. We can help you design your own study abroad program in Russia according to your specific needs: you can combine Russian Language and Culture classes for academic credit with different activities and excursions. Just contact us and our academic advisors will be happy to assist you.

Russian courses are at our Russian Language school in Moscow and comply with the generally accepted standard of 15 contact hours (50 minutes/hour) of class time per credit hour. Russian classes are intensive, consisting of 20 and 25 contact hours per week with a maximum of ten students per class.

There are two ways to receive credit for your course:

  • To receive direct credit (which is often more economical), you need to get approval from your own institution prior to beginning your studies. We are happy to provide any necessary information to help you do this. We are more than willing to provide your university with the course information such as: course syllabus, total hours taken, teacher evaluation, attendance report, curriculum covered, final exam with letter grade, etc., in order to grant academic credit for your course.

    At the end of your studies we will also provide, upon request, a detailed transcript of your work for you to take back to your home institution.

  • You can also receive credit through our U.S. university affiliates, which you can then transfer to your school, but in order to receive credit through one of our partner programs, you must register through the university's study abroad program in addition to enrolling with us. How much credit you can earn depends on your level and how many weeks you study with us.

    The second method of obtaining credit will increase the cost of your program significantly. Universities charge non-refundable enrollment fees and tuition based on the number of credit hours you study. These fees are in addition to your course fees with our school. Please contact us if you would like to receive more information about receiving credit for your course through our partner programs.

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Russian courses: U.S. College Credit

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Russian Language Courses in Moscow, Russia: Course Guide.

Russian Language Courses in Russia We teach you to speak Russian language. Speaking Russian is not just saying "words" in Russian language, but how you say them. This is why we work on the Russian pronunciation, intonation and rhythm.

Students at our Russian language school learn Russian language through practice and continuous communication. We offer a wide range of Russian courses. You can study Russian language and Culture from one week to an academic year. Click on the course name to learn details about each Russian course you can take in Moscow, Russia.

General Russian language courses

Intensive Russian courses

Closed Groups Russian courses

Academic Year Russian courses

TRKI Exam Preparation courses

Russian & Internship

One-to-one Russian courses

Russian Language & Culture Immersion

Russian for Buisness courses

Russian for Professionals courses

Spoken Russain courses for Exectutives

In-Company Russain language training

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We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Russian Language School in Moscow, Russia!

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