General Russian Group Language Programs in Moscow, Russia

Russian Language School in Moscow offers General Russian Group Language courses year-round with continuous enrollment and student intake every second week throughout the year (some restrictions for beginners apply). All our General Russian courses are immersion courses, i.e. teaching will be in Russian only with no explanations given in English or any other language. This is the most effective method of teaching foreign languages.

All our groups are formed according to a written and oral assessment test compulsory for every arriving student. The placement test is made up of a writing sample and oral interview. If a student feels he or she has been placed incorrectly, the placement decision may be reviewed by the school.

Russian Language Course Components:

  • Russian Grammar.
    This is the basic course which is organized so that students' practice with the language is paramount. The texts we normally use are filled with exercises (tasks) that get students to use various structures in realistic situations.

  • Russian Conversation.
    The focus of Conversation is building fluency. In this class, students have an opportunity to talk about a variety of subjects relevant to their goals and interests, and learn a great deal of vocabulary while doing so.

  • Reading & Writing.
    Selected materials are chosen to ensure that the students can enrich their language level with such an important reading skills, as skimming, scanning, identifying the main idea of the text, so that in general it will take a student to the proficiency in writing communication.

Standard Russian Group Course

Moscow Language CoursesCommunicative teaching in small groups (maximum 10 students per group) makes this course a pleasurable and productive experience. Our Standard Group Course gives participants the chance to learn communicative skills in "real life" situations. This course of 20 weekly lessons is offered year round and follows a modular pattern of two-week units.

For participants staying four weeks or longer, following modules build upon the grammar basics of the first module, treating the same topics from a different angle with more in-depth explanations, more complex vocabulary, different exercises and more dialogues.

Each course starts on a Monday and ends on a Friday, with lessons taking place usually between 10:00 and 14:00.Each lesson is 50 minutes. The minimum course length is two weeks. The maximum course length is open. Our rates are digressive - longer stays are lower priced.

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Intensive Russian Group Course

Moscow Language CoursesOur Intensive Russian Group Course comprises 25 lessons per week in groups with maximum ten participants. The morning lessons (20) are taken together with the students enrolled on our Standard Group Course. The afternoon supplement (5 lessons on two days - usually Tuesday and Thursday) will be offered in three different levels:

  • A1 - Beginner
  • A1+/A2 - Elementary
  • B1 - Intermediate
  • B2 - Upper-intermediate

The content of this afternoon supplement focuses on subjects of general interest like Business and Economy, Russian Mass Media Today; Culture, History and Literature.

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Academic Year Group Course

Academic Year Courses are discounted long-term General Russian group courses with 20 or 25 lessons per week. The Academic Year Course with 25 lessons per week has the same structure as our Intensive Group Course with 20 standard group lessons per week and a supplement of 5 weekly lessons designated for subjects of general interest. The Academic Year Course with 20 weekly lessons is identical in content with our Standard Group Course.

Please note that there are restricted course start dates and fixed course lengths of 24, 36 or 48 weeks. Beginners are advised to be familiar with the Cyrillic alphabet.

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Closed Groups

Our Russian School in Moscow offers tailor made programs for school, college or university groups, eager to come to Russia for an immersion program. Closed Groups arrive and leave at the same time and follow the same curriculum. There can be several levels within a closed group though. The course rates are very student friendly but depend to a large extent on the season, the number of participants, levels and group leaders coming on the trip. Rates are available on request.

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Russian Language Courses in Moscow, Russia: Course Guide.

Russian Language Courses in Russia We teach you to speak Russian language. Speaking Russian is not just saying "words" in Russian language, but how you say them. This is why we work on the Russian pronunciation, intonation and rhythm.

Students at our Russian language school learn Russian language through practice and continuous communication. We offer a wide range of Russian courses. You can study Russian language and Culture from one week to an academic year. Click on the course name to learn details about each Russian course you can take in Moscow, Russia.

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