Russian Courses for Executives and Professionals Working in Moscow

The Russian language needs of the international business communities of Moscow are quite different from other language students. For business executives and professionals working in St. Petersburg it is a real challenge to devote enough resources to their Russian language studies, either before or after working hours. At the same time, some working knowledge of Russian is absolutely essential when living in Russia.

While non-working spouses are happily spending their daytime in the classroom, the situation is not so straightforward for foreign specialist with a tight schedule. This is why we have developed courses with less focus on grammar spending more time with speaking and understanding the spoken word.

Executives and professionals arriving in Moscow will often use the teaching services of a freelancer, most of the time "inherited" by his or her predecessor. We strongly believe that learning Russian at a specialised language school has several advantages over finding a private teacher by recommendation:

  • Our teachers are regularly assessed by our director of studies through a system of classroom monitoring, student feedback, teacher training seminars and performance appraisal meetings.

  • Our school in St. Petersburg is a member of the International Association of Language centers, which carries out independent, regular inspections.

  • We perfectly understand that our clients sometimes wish to change their teacher to see a different face. This is totally normal and does not create any problems.

  • Our school is fully licensed, which means that we operate strictly under the Russian tax legislation, and that course expenses are officially recognised costs.

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In-company training

Courses are organised at the client's place of work, either individually or in closed groups, which are formed according to the results of an assessment test. In-company sessions can be a sequel of individual or group lessons with changing participants. A session may consist of one or several lessons.

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Russian Language Courses in Moscow, Russia: Course Guide.

Russian Language Courses in Russia We teach you to speak Russian language. Speaking Russian is not just saying "words" in Russian language, but how you say them. This is why we work on the Russian pronunciation, intonation and rhythm.

Students at our Russian language school learn Russian language through practice and continuous communication. We offer a wide range of Russian courses. You can study Russian language and Culture from one week to an academic year. Click on the course name to learn details about each Russian course you can take in Moscow, Russia.

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