TRKI Preparation Programs in Moscow, Russia

Our school in Moscow is accredited preparation and testing center for the TRKI state exam (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language). The TRKI is recognized by the Russian Federal Ministry of Education and can be taken individually at our school. Each test consists of 5 components (written and oral).

A TRKI Preparation Course is a combination of a Group Course (Standard or Intensive) or a One-to-one Course and a TRKI Preparation Module. The TRKI Preparation Module is a supplement taken just before the TRKI exam. Each module comprises 5 individual lessons. The number of modules required in order to pass a certain exam is jointly determined by the student and the teacher. We advice students, who wish to pass the exam to book one module in advance. If teacher and student decide that this is not enough, another module can be booked directly at the school.

Why prepare TRKI at our school?

  • Comparing with state educational institutions, our groups are small. In addition, we offer a preparational TRKI module, which leads the student gently to the level required for the exam.
  • Our students consistently show high pass rates.
  • TRKI preparation courses are planned accordingly to the new official testing standards. Our teaching staff is certified by the Russian Ministry of Education for these exams.
  • As we are running the TRKI exams in-house, students wishing to take the test enjoy high flexibility in planning for the exam.

The most common tests within the TRKI framework are:

Elementary Level TBU: certifies that the applicant has acquired basic communicative skills in a number of daily situations. With no Russian skills to start with, it takes on average a 16 week group course and one TRKI exam module to pass this exam.

TRKI-1: certifies that the applicant has reached Intermediate Level of communicative skills on a variety of social, cultural and professional topics. TRKI-1 allows enrolling in a Russian University. With no Russian skills to start with, it takes on average a 24 week group course and one, maybe two TRKI exam modules to pass this exam.

TRKI-2: certifies a relatively high level (upper Intermediate) of communicative competency in all communicative contexts. The certificate involved is required for obtaining Bachelor's and Master's degrees on graduation from Russian higher educational institutions. It takes 400 lessons or 20 weeks in a group course to pass from TRKI-1 to TRKI-2. One or two TRKI exam modules are required to pass this exam.

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