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Since 1991, our Portuguese Language School in Porto has been devoted to providing high quality and personalized instruction in Portuguese for foreigners. All of our teachers are professional and experienced native instructors, university graduated and trained in our direct approach to language teaching.

Portuguese courses focus on actively using the language. The lessons include grammar, reading, writing, listening and vocabulary extension, with a strong focus on communication. An emphasis is placed on real-life situations through role-plays, conversations, interviews, and simulated telephone dialogues. The training is complemented by discussions around Portuguese culture, history and current affairs, films, articles and music.

Students are encouraged to interact with their classmates, their professors and the entire staff here at our Portuguese Language School in Porto. Our professors also dedicate their creativity and time to the organization of various activities during the students' free hours and weekends.

Materials used: Apart from our carefully selected standard teaching materials, our school in Porto boasts a large variety of modern teaching resources and equipment. Computers, CD's and videos are among the aids used in everyday courses as well as sessions devoted to culture, regional studies, literature and business. Use of the multimedia library and our computer facilities is a good way of adding to and reinforcing the skills acquired from class work.

A word on methodology: We believe it is important to vary the teaching methods used in our Portuguese courses as much as possible. Every group and person is different, thus our teachers use an individual approach and flexibly adapt their teaching methods to the students' respective learning needs. We supplement various course books with original teaching materials such as newspaper and magazine articles, audio/visual materials and activities inside and outside of class. One of our fundamental principles is to ensure a maximum of spoken communication. Students are encouraged to practice spoken Portuguese in real-life situations, with the teacher, and with other participants, in pairs and groups. Many activities outside of school are created with this idea of oral communication as well.

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