Portuguese Group Courses in Porto, Portugal

All courses offered at our Portuguese school in Porto, Portugal, are Portuguese Language immersion courses. Lessons focus on actively using the language. The lessons include grammar, reading, writing, listening and vocabulary extension, with a strong focus on communication. An emphasis is placed on real-life situations through role-plays, conversations, interviews, and simulated telephone dialogues. The training is complemented by discussions around culture, history and current affairs, films, articles and music.

Maximum number of students per class is 6. Classes can begin on any Monday for intermediate students. For beginners, the starting dates are available on the Dates and Fees page. Classes are held Monday to Friday morning or afternoon. The school closes on official holidays. 1 lesson = 50 minutes.

The group classes we offer are:

  • Intensive Portuguese Group Course:
    4 lessons of group instruction per day. Groups will have a minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 students. In the event that only one student is enrolled for a particular level, the course is given: 2 hours / teacher + 1 hour / oriented study.

  • Super-Intensive Portuguese Group Course:
    6 lessons of group instruction per day, Monday through Friday. Classes are held in the morning and afternoon. In the event that only one student is enrolled for a particular level, the course is given: 4 hours / teacher + 2 hours / oriented study

  • Combined Portuguese Courses (Group + Individual)
    4 hours of group instruction in the morning combined with one, two or three one-to-one classes in the afternoon.

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