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The Portuguese language enjoys a lively and varied lexicon throughout the world today. Our Portuguese Language School in Porto is unique in its intimate approach to acquiring language through total cultural immersion. We believe it imperative to integrate our institution's academic setting with the modern life of each individual city.

Portuguese language lessons at our school focus on communication; beyond grammar books and written exercises, our professors include a variety of oral and listening elements with up-to-date technology to stimulate a comprehensive understanding of the Portuguese language.

We offer different course formats, which permit us to meet the various needs, expectations and budgets of our students. We offer both group and private Portuguese instruction, from absolute beginners to advanced levels.

Lessons focus on actively using the language. The lessons include grammar, reading, writing, listening and vocabulary extension, with a strong focus on communication. An emphasis is placed on real-life situations through role-plays, conversations, interviews, and simulated telephone dialogues. The training is complemented by discussions around Portuguese culture, history and current affairs, films, articles and music.

The Portuguese language school in Porto offers group and private general Portuguese language instruction. Portuguese Language exam preparation courses are also available. Upon arrival, students take a placement test to determine their level of fluency, and also decide which cultural programs they would like to participate in.

Students come from over 40 countries, most of them are from the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, The Netherlands. We have students of different ages - from 17 to 65 year of age. Main age group: 20 - 35 (2/3 of students).

Portuguese Language courses we offer are:

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