Accommodation Options in Porto, Portugal

Accommodation is reserved from 12 noon on the Sunday prior to the start of the course until the Saturday following the last day of the course. All options are an average of 10 to 20 minutes away from the school. The schools can be easily reached by public transport.

You have a choice of host family, apartment, student residence or hotel accommodations the whole year round.

Homestay in Porto, Portugal!

Homestay is a popular form of accommodation as it provides an opportunity to practice newly acquired language skills and affords an insight into the Portuguese lifestyle. Portuguese people are known for their hospitality, and our host-families particularly enjoy meeting people from around the world and making students feel part of the family.

The host-family may be with a single woman, a single-parent family, a young family, a working couple or a retired couple. Our accommodation officer carefully chooses families according to certain criteria and visits them at least once a year.

We carefully select host families according to the following criteria:

  • Situated in a good residential area, hospitable, communicative and with clean, quality lodgings.
  • Only Portuguese is spoken.
  • Travel distance using public transport: 10 to 30 minutes
  • The student's preferences are accommodated as much as possible.

Included: Breakfast. Single rooms (double rooms are available on request for two persons booking a course together). You are issued your own front door key. Rooms are generally furnished with a bed, a desk with a reading light and a wardrobe. Bathroom shared with the host family. Laundry either at home at an extra charge or at commercial laundry services. There is weekly cleaning of your room; bed linen is changed every 2 weeks; bed linen is provided, please bring your own towels.

Other Accommodation Options in Porto, Portugal!

Options for those who prefer to live more independently include:

  • Bred & Breakfast - These are lower cost hotels. They are fully furnished, and almost like apartments. The price starts from 60 Euro per night.

  • Apartment - This is a more costly option, yet also offers a bit more luxury. Available only for long-term students.

  • Hotels - Porto offers a wide array of hotels in terms of price, location and style.

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