Summer Polish Courses for Adults

We would like to invite you to join us for an intensive SUMMER COURSES of Polish! These intensive group courses are for those who would like to spend more time learning Polish. In the afternoon and during weekends we organise special programme for our students. In the afternoon, we offer a cultural programme that includes discussions about literature, art, history, film, politics, economics, and media (please let us know which topics interest you) as well as trips to the theatre, cinema, and gallery.

During the weekends we organize excursions throughout Gdansk, Warsaw and Gdynia. In the past we have visited various castles, parks, cathedrals in area including such places as Malbork, Frombork, Gniew, Hel Peninsula or Kashubian Region . You maybe asked to pay for tickets to the theatre, cinema or excursions that are organized on Sturdays.

If you need accommodation we will arrange it for you. We can help you to find a nice hotel or bed & breakfast. Our another proposal is staying with polish host-family. It is also the best opportunities to speak Polish after classes!

There are many quite expensive hotels in Warsaw but it is also possible to find a nice place for a reasonable price, even in the centre of the city.

Summer Polish Courses for Teens

We would like to invite you to our summer course of Polish language for teenagers. The course is addressed to people aged 14 to 17, and the program and content of lessons has been specifically developed to meet the needs and interests of young people. Forget about boring lessons with dull teachers, grammar presented in a way that only a linguistics professor could understand and reading materials filled with "fascinating" stories from 30 years ago.

In this course we use the latest editions of text-books, new additional materials including real-life stories, fun language games and engaging activities. Most of all, we want to teach you how to communicate and express yourself in Polish and understand the present-day culture of the country in a way that is easy to understand and remember.

The course lasts for two weeks. Each course includes 4 lessons per day everyday from Monday to Friaday, starting at 2 p.m. and ending at 5.15. p.m. (15 minutes break included). The course includes 40 lessons (45 minutes each) in total.

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