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At the Polish Language School in Warsaw, our teaching methods connect Polish language learning to real life situations so that your new vocabulary skills are retained and mastered quickly. All our teachers are carefully chosen and have several years of experience in Polish language instruction.

Our lessons are 45 minutes in length. The minimum duration of a course is two weeks. The typical length chosen by past students is between 3-8 weeks, although longer stays are not uncommon.

For intensive 2, 3, 4-week group courses the school offers: 5 lessons a day in a group of 5 or more students; 4 lessons a day in a group of 3 - 4 students, 3 lessons a day in a group of 2 students, (in the event of one person registered for a group course the school guarantee 2 lessons a day without changing the fees and additional one lessons a day with 50% of discount).

The school organizes a social programme on week-day afternoons and evenings. Most of these activities are free and have been included in the price of the course. You may be asked to pay for some activities, however. For example, a trip to the theatre, cinema or excursions that are organized on Saturdays.

In the afternoon, we offer a cultural programme that includes lectures on literature, art, history, film, politics, economics, and media (please let us know which topics interest you) as well as trips to the theatre, cinema, and opera house.

On Saturdays we organise excursions throughout the Kashubian region. In the past, we have visited various castles, parks, cathedrals in the area including such cities as Malbork, location of one of the oldest teutonic castles in Poland, Gniew, Pelplin, and Frombork, the residence of Copernicus.

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