Polish Language School in Sopot, Poland!

Our international Polish Language school in Poland lies in the beautiful city of Sopot, which is the 'summer' capital of Poland and well known seaside resort, where thousands of international tourists walk along the pier or soak up sun on the beach. We combine a great mix of students from around the globe, highly qualified teachers in a modern school building with a beautiful garden in the heart of a beautiful location close to the beach.

Our Polish language programs are flexible enough to allow it to be tailored to each student's needs. This means optimal learning success. We offer Polish group courses, Evening Polish courses, Polish for Executives, and Private Polish courses. On all Mondays of the year you can begin any of these programs. On arrival you will take a placement test so that the best possible program is chosen for you.

Polish Language Courses in Sopot PolandSopot has great places for leisure and recreation: cinemas, an opera house, tennis courts and art galleries. It is surrounded by a picturesque countryside, full of forests, hills and crystal lakes. Sopot lies between two major cities, Gdansk and Gdynia.

Why choose us? Because we:

  • are located in a beautiful seaside resort;
  • commute to you if you wish (included in the price!);
  • have the broadest offer of available courses on the market;
  • can organize a course or a group for you without any delay;
  • do our job well and love what we do!

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