English Homestay and Live-In Programs on Boracay Island

Live with a family or teacher with our homestay or Live-In option while experiencing an English environment on the island. These options are ideal for students who want to learn English and a new culture. Western culture combined with Philipino culture is a true cultural experience.An open mind and healthy appetite to learn is all that is required.

This program is for students who want to study and live with a Canadian, American or British family or teacher. The program includes shared accommodation , 3 meals a day and the intensive English program (5-7 classes a day). Students will interact with their host family in a natural English environment and learn a new culture while studying the English Language. This kind of program allows for more 1:1 time with your host and provides a natural environment to learn English.

Former students have said this is the best and most natural way to learn the English Language.

Minimum age is 16 years of age.

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