Activities and Sightseeing Excursions at the Junior Summer Camp in New Haven

Our Junior Summer Camp Program at Yale University in New Haven is packed with excursions, visits, sports, and games and is designed to have something for everyone.

Full afternoon and evening activity program is available. There are different activities every week. Some of them are: discos, film nights, karaoke, soccer, student night, Vegas night, shopping, and local attractions.

The summer camp program includes a 9-day optional Grand America East Coast Tour. Students will visit New York, Empire State Building, Wall Street, the former site of the World Trade Center, Fifth Avenue, United Nations Building, Manhattan, Soho, Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Plaza, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Capitol Hill, the White House, Corning Glass Center, Niagara Falls, Boston, Harvard, MIT, Yale, West Point, the elite summer resort villas, Fort Wood Outlet mall. Parents can also paticipate in the tour with their children.

9-day tour description:

Day 1, Friday

  • Outlet mall shopping and on the way to NYC
  • Settle in @ the Hotel after the arrival: Hilton East Brunswick

Day 2. NYC Tour

Tour Description: Project New York City:

8:00 meet at the lobby , to set the following attractions: Manhattan, New York Time: about 600 minutes after arrival in China Town, the tour guide will give you a detailed map of New York City, so you do not get lost, free tour of New York. In depth with New York subway, visiting Columbia, Lincoln Center, Broadway, Museum of Natural History, Soho, feel the New York art atmosphere. Central Station, the famous New York restaurant for steak specialties, or to New York's Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale's shopping center ( exclusive gift 10% off VIP) 18:30 yourself back to Manhattan, Chinatown 87 BOWERY STREET bus pick up location, visit the hotel ; or choose their own expense to participate in night.

Hotel: Sheraton/Radisson

Day 3. Guided NYC Tour

Tour Description: 8:00 meet at lobby to see the following attractions:

Empire State Building, Time: about 60 minutes (including breakfast time) as the Empire State Building, New York City. 9:30 arrival at Wall Street , Stay: about 20 minutes. Wall Street has become almost synonymous with New York's financial district, presented here is extremely busy and stressful pace of working atmosphere.

10:00 Arrival at attractions: Statue of Liberty (cruise, compliment by the organizer) duration: about 60 minutes, it enjoys popular support, has become a symbol of democracy and freedom around the world. Statue of about 46 meters high and about 27 meters pedestal, waist circumference of about 10 meters. 12:00 Arrival at the attractions: USS fearless aircraft carrier. Duration: about 90 minutes (including lunch time) at the Hudson River, is mainly used for placement of retired US Navy warships, Air Force fighters and other military equipment. World War II with the United States is committed to showcase the history of military-related science and services, has become a National Historic Landmark.

14:30 Arrival Attractions: Metropolitan Museum (into the garden) Time: Approximately 100 minutes on display since ancient civilizations to contemporary works of art, including masterpieces hundreds of pieces of world civilization.

17:00 Arrival attractions: Madame Tussauds (into the garden) Time: About 45 minutes from Benjamin Franklin to President Barack Obama, Hollywood stars from Madonna to Justin Bieber.

18:00 attractions: Times Square duration: about 15 minutes here in New York City in the heart of Manhattan, also known as the "crossroads of the world." Rockefeller Center located in Midtown Manhattan, is a building consisting of from 19 buildings. World Trade Center, the skyscrapers of New York's World Trade Center. UN headquarters. Fifth Avenue is located in the heart of Manhattan; New York has become the commercial center, residential centers, cultural centers, shopping centers and tourist center.

20:00 back to the hotel to rest.

Hotel: Crowne Plaza/Courtyard

Day 4. New York- Philadelphia - Washington DC

Tour Description: 6:45 meet in the lobby, to see the sights:

Philadelphia (Independence Hall) (Liberty Bell) duration: about 60 minutes. Independence Palace, the famous American historical monuments. In the Philadelphia Independence National Historical Park. 1732 ~ 1756 construction. This is a two-storey red brick buildings of old, white doors, white steeple, is inlaid with a commemorative between the house and the Liberty Bell Tower. Liberty Bell is proud Americans, the struggle for freedom than a spiritual symbol. Carved from the Bible "Old Testament" in the sentence "announced to all residents around the free", proudly represents the great American independence, meaningful on its bells. Bell factory to White Chapel in London ordered by the Pennsylvania State Capitol with a 100 price, in 1752 after being placed in a Philadelphia. 9:00 am drove to Washington, DC

12:00 noon arrived Attractions: Aerospace Museum (into the garden) duration: about 90 minutes (including lunch time) National Air and Space Museum, is the world's premier special museum of flight, but also the world Museum of Flight's largest exhibition center. 13:45 Arrival Attractions: Potomac River Cruise (Boat Tour, optional)) duration: about 60 minutes Potomac River cruise, watch Washington's most iconic buildings, such as: the Kennedy Center, Watergate, the Washington Monument, the US Congress Building, Jefferson Memorial and the like.

15:15 Arrival Attractions: Capitol Time: about 15 minutes the US Capitol, the seat of the US Congress, to enact laws place. It is built on mountains, magnificent.

15:45 Arrival Attractions: White House Duration: about 20 minutes the White House, is located in the downtown area of Washington, DC 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington Monument and towering sea, is the president and government office space, for the first family members living.

16:15 Arrival Attractions: Lincoln Memorial (into the garden) Time: about 45 minutes of the Lincoln Memorial, the sixteenth President of the United States to commemorate Abraham Lincoln. Korean War Memorial Plaza, is used to commemorate US soldiers in 1950-1953 between the death in this brutal war. Vietnam War Memorial Wall, made of black granite piled 500 feet long V-shaped monument body, and is used to commemorate the service during the Vietnam War, the war dead American soldiers and generals.

17:00 End of urban projects sightseeing in Washington, went to dinner.

18:00 dinner

19:15 to the hotel for about 60 minutes.

Hotel: Hilton / Sheraton or similar

Day 5. Washington - Corning Glass Center - Niagara Falls

Tour Description: 7:00 to leave the hotel, drove to the Corning Glass Center.

10:30 Arrival. Attractions: Corning Glass Center (into the garden) (including lunch time) Duration: about 90 minutes with a glass center of the world's most artistic and historical atmosphere. The first piece of glass can even be traced back to 3,500 years ago, but also inspire the glass constantly evolving innovation of science and technology. Fortune 500 corporate headquarters, the world's largest glass museum collections, enjoy live performances technology to make glass. Leave Corning at 12:00 noon and go to Niagara Falls.

15:00 Arrival. attractions: Niagara Parks to stay in Niagara Falls park free.

16:45 Arrival attractions: Maid of the Mist (Opening hours: May - October) (Compliment by the organizer) Duration: about 30 minutes around the world only Maid of the Mist to lead you away from the nearest access to the world-famous horseshoe Niagara Falls

17:30 Arrival. Attractions: Niagara IMAX movie Legends (into the garden) Duration: about 30 minutes

18:00 attractions: Waterfalls welcome (gift Monopoly) centers (including dinner) Duration: about 60 minutes

19:00 attractions: Indians live Show Time: about 45 minutes you will experience an authentic Native American dance performances, this is the spirit of the world-class local dancers dance to generations of beautiful, exciting music, special clothing and true Native singing performances.

20:00 attractions: Niagara Falls - daytime / Night Time: about 60 minutes overlooking the "American Falls", "Horseshoe Falls" and "Bridal Veil Falls.", Thunderball, experience the momentum, just like full steam ahead. watch the night view.

21:30 drove to the hotel.

Hotel: Adams Mark / Holiday Inn or similar

Day 6. Niagara Falls - Boston

Tour Description: 8:30 hotel, at their own expense breakfast. The direction of the Erie Canal, across upstate New York, United States of vast land.

16:00 Arrival. Attractions: Harvard University (into the garden) duration: about 60 minutes at a private university in Boston, Cambridge City, one of the members of the Ivy League schools. Enjoy top universities reputation, wealth and influence in the world school, known as the American government think tank, often ranked universities in the world first.

17:15 Arrival attractions: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Duration: about 10 minutes Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Boston, a comprehensive private university, both have a very important influence in the United States or the world, is global high-tech pioneer leading universities and higher studies. v

17:45 Arrival attractions: Boston downtown plaza T. Duration: about 15 minutes of Boston city tour, stay in the old Trinity Cathedral and the Prudential Building front of the square to take pictures, way Swan Lake Park, Prudential Tower, Boston Athenaeum, the golden dome of the State Capitol Building.

18:15 Arrival. Attractions: Boston Lobster Dinner Features Time: about 60 minutes in the evening to enjoy the prestigious fresh lobster dinner (Compliment of Lobster Dinner by the organizer).

19:30 to the hotel to rest.

Hotel: Sheraton / Crowne Plaza or similar

Day 7. Boston - Rhode Island - Plymouth

Tour Description: 8:00 to Boston, Massachusetts, the capital and largest city, is also the largest city in New England. Its economy is based on scientific research, finance and technology, especially biotechnology, and is considered a global city and an international metropolis.

9:15 arrival. Attractions: Boston Harbor View, Duration: about 60 minutes from the water tour of Boston, to witness history here, people, sites, stories and many others. Boston has it all. Boston Harbor Cruises to show you such a fascinating city.

10:15 Arrival. Attractions: Quincy Market (lunch time) Duration: about 60 minutes of Boston's famous shopping, the central building in the market there are many food stalls, adjacent to two fashion, accessories, jewelry and gift shop, there are many buildings of historical value, visit shopping correct.

14:15 Arrival. Attractions: Waterside Villas (into the garden) Duration: about 60 minutes, also known as golden villa. Cost about $ 150 million to build, was built during the Vanderbilt II as a vacation villa. The villa has 70 rooms.

16:15 Arrival. Attractions: Plymouth Rock Time: about 30 minutes, also known as immigration stone, inscribed with the words "1620", the rumored new immigrants wade through the shallows, set foot on the American continent very first time.

18:30 dinner.

Hotel: Sheraton / Crowne Plaza or similar

Day 8. Yale University -5th Avenue Shopping

Tour Descriptions: Hotel lobby at 7:30.

10:15 Arrival, attractions: Yale University (into the garden) duration: about 60 minutes by Yale University students lead our in-depth campus tour, re live our Yale camps life. Into the garden full of Gothic academic buildings, student dormitories and everyday living area. Impressed by Ivy League school culture (Being pride of your past campus life in Yale, as well as the summer academy experiences).

11:45 am lunch, arriving about 60 minutes

15:45 attractions:. Bloomingdale's - Macy's flagship store, duration: about 150 minutes, the 5th Avenue shopping district, located in the heart of Manhattan, is one of Manhattan's most important transportation corridors. Has become New York's business centers, residential centers, cultural centers, shopping centers and tourist center. BLOOMMIDALE'S , America biggest department store building in New York, ten floor building overwhelmed the delicate commodity, cosmetics, high and low, seems to have become a must for locals and foreign tourists to the shopping places to become aware of the New York fashion cultures.

19:00 to the hotel.

Hotel: Crowne Plaza / Courtyard or similar

Day 9. West Point - Famous Mall - Hometown

Tour Description: 6:45 meet in the lobby, to see attractions:

West Point duration: about 60 minutes to West Point, America's first military school. The school is one of America's oldest military academy. It has worked with the British Royal Military Academy, Russia Frunze Military Academy and the French Saint-Cyr said the world's "big four military academies." (guided by the military official, please bring valid ID.)

10:30 arrival. attractions: Woodbury Premium Outlets duration: Approximately 240 minutes Woodbury Premium Outlets, the world's largest designer outlet center, outdoor unique environmental design, bringing together many high-end brands such as Burberry, Coach, Fendi, Prada, etc., daily discounts of up to 25-65%. 14:30 leave the shopping center, to the airport.

17:00 arrived in New York three major airports, or Manhattan China Town.

Departure: Book New York's three major airports for flights after 7:00 PM.

Tour includes

  • Eight nights hotel accommodation
  • Tour guide
  • Luxury tour bus safety
  • Airport Transfer service
  • New York Cruises: Adults $ 29.00, children $ 17, the elderly (62 years and older) $ 24 (Compliment by the organizer)
  • Niagara Falls boat: Adults $ 17, children $ 9.90, the elderly (62 years and older) $ 17 (April-10) (Compliment by the organizer)
  • Corning Glass Center: Adults $ 16, children under 19 free, the elderly (62 years and older) $ 15 (Compliment by the organizer)
  • Boston lobster meal: $ 30 (Compliment by the organizer)

Package does not include (Non Planed contents, can be bought at student own expense)

>All personal expenses such as laundry, telephone, drinks.


Tipping guide and driver, $ 8.00 per person per day is recommended

The tour tickets:

  • New York City night: Adults $ 25, children (3-11 years old) $ 15
  • New York Metropolitan Museum: Adults $ 25, children (under 11 years) free of charge, the elderly (62 years and older) $ 17
  • Empire State Building in New York: Adults $ 27, children $ 21, the elderly (62 years and older) $ 24
  • Wax Museum: Adults $ 25, children $ 23
  • Dauntless aircraft carrier: Adults $ 26, children $ 21, the elderly (62 years and older) $ 22
  • Corning Glass Center: Adults $ 16, children under 19 free, the elderly (62 years and older) $ 15
  • Niagara Falls Movie: Adults $ 12, children $ 9, the elderly (62 years and older) $ 12
  • Great Falls depth tour: Adults $ 25, children $ 15, the elderly (62 years and older) $ 22
  • Indian dance show: Adults $ 20, children $ 13
  • Marble House: Adults $ 19.50, children $ 5.50, the elderly (62 years and older) $ 19.50v
  • West Point: Adults $ 14, children $ 10, the elderly (62 years and older) $ 13
  • Washington Cruise: Adults $ 25, children (2-12 years old) $ 17, the elderly (62 years and older) $ 22
  • Yale depth tour: Adults $ 11, children (3-11 years) $ 7, the elderly (62 years and older) $ 11
  • vBoston Cruise: Adults $ 22, children $ 17, the elderly (62 years and older) $ 20

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