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Our English Language School is situated in the city of Valetta, the cultural and commercial capital of Malta and a World Heritage Site. Valletta is home to most of Malta's museums, theatres, art galleries, its Centre for Creativity, its cinemas and shops. Valletta is centrally situated and an ideal base from which to explore the island.

Our English Language School is equipped with excellent facilities. All of our classrooms are air-conditioned and we provide free Internet access in our Internet Café. Our school does not close when lessons are over. If you choose you can continue your studies in our fully-equipped self-access centre. Before you leave you will be given an individual tutorial session with your teacher who will advise you on how best you can continue to improve your English and advise you on what resources are available to you once you return to your own country.

With a wide choice of English courses and accommodation options, English Language School in Valletta offers outstanding value for students who wish to learn English and experience life in Malta. Every year the School welcomes students of all ages (from 11 to 86 years of age) from nearly 40 countries, creating a multicultural environment in which to learn English and make friends.

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English Language Courses We aim to take full advantage of our wonderful location to extend your English learning experience out of the classroom and into the city itself. In addition to the normal, classroom-based course timetable students are also offered the opportunity to participate in other aspects of the social and cultural life of the islands. Valletta is a small city and all of its places of interest are within easy walking distance of the school. We see our city as a unique and accessible language-learning resource as well as providing a central location from which to explore the islands' many other attractions.

We offer different types of English language courses at all different levels to accommodate the diverse goals of our students.

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