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Our teacher training courses co-ordinator, Mr. Alan Marsh has been a Main Tutor on Cambridge ESOL CELTA teacher trainer courses in Italy and Malta since 1992. He has trained and helped develop teachers from all five continents, and regularly assesses Cambridge CELTA teacher training schemes held by prestigious teaching institutions in various countries. He is also an accredited Cambridge Delta Local Supervisor.

The courses are designed for non-native teachers of English and combine advanced language development with aspects of communicative teaching methodology.

At our school we have a special commitment to working with teachers from various countries and different backgrounds to help improve the quality of English language teaching. The English Language teachers that we train become amongst the most able, creative and authoritative within their profession. Our Teacher Training programmes are a hallmark of excellence and outstanding professionalism.

Course Duration 2 weeks
Lessons Per Week 20 in General English + 10 in Teaching Methodology
Minimum Age: 18
Time Table: Monday to Friday
Lesson Duration: 09.00 - 14.30 including breaks. (1 lesson = 45 minutes)
Levels C1 and above (minimum level B2)
Class Size 20

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English Language Courses We aim to take full advantage of our wonderful location to extend your English learning experience out of the classroom and into the city itself. In addition to the normal, classroom-based course timetable students are also offered the opportunity to participate in other aspects of the social and cultural life of the islands. Valletta is a small city and all of its places of interest are within easy walking distance of the school. We see our city as a unique and accessible language-learning resource as well as providing a central location from which to explore the islands' many other attractions.

We offer different types of English language courses at all different levels to accommodate the diverse goals of our students.

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