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Application Deadlines

The first step to enrolling is to complete an Application form as far in advance as possible. This will insure that there will be space available for you in your selected course.

Normally, we must receive your application no later than 30 days before the program starts. We accept last minute applications, but please be aware that acceptance of late applications is subject to space availability.

Maximim age: We don't have maximum age limit. While we have many university age students, we have many active seniors as well. The diversities of ages, nationalities, professsions, and interests of our students contribute to the unique experience you will have.

Minimum age: There is a minimum age of 11 years for students participating in Young Learner Residential Courses. There is a minimum age of 18 years for students participating in adult courses.

How to apply?

You need to complete and return the Application. A non-refundable application fee of $120.00 and a tuition deposit of $200.00 are required with your application. The tuition deposit is part of the cost of your course and is deducted from the total tuition fees after conversion in Euros. The tuition deposit is not an additional cost. Please note that your application will be considered only when your payment of the application fee and the tuition deposit has been received.

You may apply online via our secure online application form or you can print out a printable application form, complete it and send by mail or fax to the Enrollment Center. You will find links to both forms below:

  1. Online Secure Application Form. You may apply online if you pay the application and registration fees and the tuition deposit by credit card. We accept VISA and MasterCard. In our Online Secure Form, we utilize the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) authentication and RC4 128 bit encryption technology. SSL encryption protects information being transmitted across the internet to our processing center.

    Click here to access our Online Secure Application Form

  2. Printable Application Form: Click here to access a printable Application Form, print it out from your browser, complete the form and send it by fax or mail to the IPSA Enrollment Center.

Upon receiving your application and required payments, we will send you an e-mail (or fax) confirmation and invoice within four to five business days. The confirmation will contain the details of your course and all pertinent costs. The invoice will be issued in Euros. You can also make a payment in U.S. Dollars according to the current exchange rates. The payment of the balance of fees is due upon receipt of invoice. Your place will be confirmed only when the full payment has been received. Once we receive your full payment, you will be sent a certificate of enrolment for visa purposes and your housing confirmation.

You may pay the balance by wire transfer, check or money order, or by credit card. We accept Visa and Mastercard. We will send you payment options and details in the registration confirmation.

Click here to access our Online Secure Application Form

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Other Terms and Conditions.


  • IPSA and Member Schools are not liable in any cases of force majeure (according to the law) or for actions of the students and their consequences.

  • The school reserves the right to ask any student who acts in a detrimental way to the institute, its property, its staff, the other students or the student's host family to leave the institute. The school has a strict no drugs policy. Any students found to be using illegal narcotics at the institute, at their accommodation or on any excursions organised or suggested by the institute, will be asked to leave immediately. Students will not be refunded the balance of their course and accommodation fees and airport or bus transfers will not be given. The school will also not be responsible for the costs of returning the student to their home country or for any legal costs arising from such a situation.

  • The school/IPSA does not accept responsibility for the loss of or damage to any student's possessions or the wrongful act of anyone in the employment of or acting on behalf of the institute. Nor do we accept responsibility for the personal injury or death of any student, before, during and / or after any course with us, during their stay in any accommodation provided by or suggested by us, or on any excursion, outing or tour organised or suggested by us.

  • We strongly suggest all students take out comprehensive travel, medical, personal, repatriationand course insurance before they leave their home countries.

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  • We will try everything we can to offer you your chosen course, but we can only be sure of your level of English once we have interviewed you on the first day of the course. In the event that only three or fewer students apply for a particular course the school will apply the reduced Hours Procedure: 20 lessons group course will be reduced to 15 lessons 3:1, 2:1 or 1:1; 30 lessons group course will be reduced to 20 lessons 3:1, 2:1 or 1:1.

  • Students are required to attend at least 80% of scheduled classes and to complete all homework assignments. Failure to do so may result in the withholding of course certificates. If a student repeatedly does not attend classes without giving 2 hours advance notice, disciplinary action may be taken. In the case of any student requiring a visa to study in Malta failing to attend classes regularly, the appropriate authorities will be informed by the school of any such failure.


    All international students who study with ESL are strongly encouraged to have adequate health and travel insurance.


    In the event that all single rooms in families have been allocated, the school holds the right to allocate sharing rooms refunding any difference in costs to the student. In the event that all family accommodation is allocated, the school reserves the right to make alternative arrangements of comparable lodging.

Cancellations and refunds

Cancellation fees are charged as follows, and any balance is refunded less non-refundable items and bank fees and payment processing charges (if any)

Cancellations received:

  • more than 30 days before the course begins: $200 cancellation fee;
  • more than 14, but 30 or less days before the course starting date:
  • cancellation fee in the amount of tuition deposit and 30% of the program fees;
  • There is no refund if the cancellation received 14 or less days before the course starting date.

In no case money will be refunded once the course and/or lodging has started. No refund can be given for partial attendance or the discontinuance or interruption of a course.

Official Holidays

The School does not reimburse classes that coincide with official holidays.

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