Business English Courses in Valletta, Malta

Who are you?

  • You are a busy business professional who would like the opportunity to improve your ability to communicate confidently and effectively in English in a business context.
  • You would like to improve your skills in preparing and giving presentations, business writing and communication, telephone technique, negotiating and describing your company's processes and products and to have the confidence to speak in all business and social situations.

What can we do for you?

  • We place great emphasis on meeting your individual needs and before you join the course we will send you a detailed needs analysis questionnaire so we can begin to prepare a course tailored to meet your language requirements.
  • We will discuss and finalise your programme with you and other group members.

English Language CoursesWhy are the courses successful?

  • Your course will include a good balance of business vocabulary, business grammar and usage.
  • Course will create opportunities to practise the key skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing in a wide variety of meaningful and realistic business contexts.
  • Our courses are interactive and task-based, using video-based case studies, role-plays, presentation and pronunciation skills.

All courses are based on the level of English of the client, the duration of the course and an analysis of the client's needs. Courses start every Monday. Newcomers in group courses sit for a placement test. Clients who book Individual Tuition start the course with their trainer immediately.

English Language CoursesDepending on clients' needs, typical training programmes will be designed by the trainer to cover one or more of the following areas: Making Effective Presentations; Negotiation Language and Strategies; Conducting and Participating Effectively in Meetings; Writing clear reports, faxes, memos and emails; Telephone Skills; Social English (in which speaking fluency is highlighted).

Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation are taught within a Business English context. For example, future tenses are highlighted in order to make sales forecasts, or to make arrangements, appointments, meet deadlines etc; past tenses will be used to talk about past company performance; pronunciation will be highlighted within the context, for example, of giving a presentation; interactive strategies will be focused on to negotiate, or to make small talk at business lunch or dinner.

Individual Tuition is much in demand at our school. Courses are completely customized to suit the individual client. Indeed, clients are encouraged to bring with them their own English language materials that they use in their place of work. Of course, confidentiality is respected at all times.

English Language CoursesAt our English language school we strongly believe that clients will achieve a far greater rate of progress if any anxiety they feel prior to the course is dispelled with as soon as possible. Therefore, although courses are intensive and learning objectives are clearly identified, lessons are carried out in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. In this context, the individual learner is placed at the centre of the learning process and their individual learning styles and strategies are identified and developed. One of our main aims is to build our clients' skills in English so that they can face their future challenges with confidence.

To this end, pairwork, groupwork (in group courses) and roleplay are used extensively whenever appropriate. For example, clients may be asked to roleplay a presentation they are likely to make in real life, or to take part in a role-played meeting, negotiation, telephone exchange or social interaction. Their performance is then analysed in a non-threatening, encouraging manner, appropriate language work is carried out to help improve performance, and the presentation, meeting, telephone conversation or social interaction is repeated later in the course.

When clients arrive at the school, a needs analysis is carried out and, after taking into consideration the agreed duration of the course, a programme is negotiated with them. Materials include published Business English materials and authentic materials (eg business reports, media articles, faxes and memos).

Lessons per Week: 20 private lessons
Minimum Age: 18
Time Table: Monday to Friday
Lesson Duration: 09.00 - 12.30 including breaks. (1 lesson = 45 minutes)
Levels Pre-Intermediate to Advanced

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English Language Courses We aim to take full advantage of our wonderful location to extend your English learning experience out of the classroom and into the city itself. In addition to the normal, classroom-based course timetable students are also offered the opportunity to participate in other aspects of the social and cultural life of the islands. Valletta is a small city and all of its places of interest are within easy walking distance of the school. We see our city as a unique and accessible language-learning resource as well as providing a central location from which to explore the islands' many other attractions.

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