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Fukuoka Language Courses

Meryl Gormand, France

I recommend this School to anyone who wants to learn and practice Japanese in a fun and efficient way. It is a GREAT school. First of all, the staff is wonderful. They are nice and understanding and they will help you with any problems you might encounter. The teachers are well-qualified and they will do everything to make you feel comfortable and make sure that you learn at your own pace. Plus, the classes are small (we were only two students in my class); so, you have like private classes for a really good price.

Furthermore, the school atmosphere is fun. You get to party with the staff as they often organized gatherings, which most of the time includes tasty Japanese food!!! Also, the school is at a very convenient location since it is in the center of Fukuoka, only 5 minutes away from the main train station.

Regarding the homestay, I have been staying in a host family in which I had such a great time. They were so nice and I got to practice the Japanese I learned at school when I came home at night. I also got the chance to learn about and experience the Japanese culture in a unique way.

So, to sum up, if you are looking for a Japanese language school, this might be one of the best schools you can find in Japan!

Fukuoka Language Courses

Abs Tangri, United Kingdom, English Teacher

I was at this school for about 3 weeks and I cannot recommend this place enough. I had a great time there and would definitely go back again.

The teachers were top notch. In every instance they were able to teach to extremely high standards whilst simultaneously making interesting and, perhaps more importantly (especially for me), fun lessons. Whatever I am studying I will never improve if I am not enjoying the subject. The ethos instigated by the teachers meant that this was not a problem - it was always fun and consquently I was able to learn a lot on my intensive course.

Lessons aside there was lots to be done outside the school. I had been to Fukuoka many times before but I had never seen how beautiful it was. I hired a bike from the school during my 3 weeks there and regularly went exploring the city. It was surprising to find stunning beaches, serene parks and great shopping all situated so close to one another. For those of you interested in nightlife there is something going on every night though special mention must be made to the beach party thrown by the school. Yaki niku, birthday cake, birthday cake fights and beach American Football are just some of the highlights of that great night.

So there you go; great school, great teachers, great lessons, great city, great fun. If you decide to head to this city in Northern Kyushu I am sure you will not regret it.

Fukuoka Language Courses

Gavin Ferguson, America, Student

I am a U.S. university student, and I attended the school for 3 weeks from. During that time, I took a conversation course and a one-on-one lesson focused on reading Japanese fiction.

The courses at this school were quite intense, but the teachers were enthusiastic and always went out of their way to come up with creative and enjoyable lessons. As one homework assignment, for example, I had to figure out the punch lines to several joke haikus about salarymen. For another lesson, we went to a nearby park and interviewed people about Japan. Because the lessons were so engaging, I looked forward to coming to class everyday.

Outside of class, the teachers were absurdly friendly and helpful. I gained much invaluable practice just speaking Japanese around the school and at various activities. They also went to great lengths to make sure everyone enjoyed their stay in Japan, taking us on field trips and offering movies at the school, for example. In addition, they were also there to lend a helping hand through various tribulations my classmates and I encountered.

Looking back, I am very pleased with the progress I made in the four weeks I studied at the school in Fukuoka. More importantly, however, I came away more motivated and better equipped to continue studying Japanese.

Fukuoka Language Courses

Alex Steinberg, Germany, Business Consultant

I volunteered to write this note of recommendation for Japanese and Culture School, as I have been very delighted about the quality of teaching and the overall service. My name is Alex Steinberg, I am a business consultant and have studied many languages due to my work around the world.

I strongly recommend this school to you! The teachers are highly qualified, dedicated and warm-hearted. They have helped me to progress rapidly in my Japanese studies and made it a great study experience. I had a good feeling throughout the entire time.

The school has a fresh philosophy of teaching and effectively responds to the individual needs of the student in a very flexible way! Beyond the course work, the school has provided me with great additional help, such as finding an apartment, dealing with the landlord, and even introducing me to local people, so that I would have more practice to speak Japanese. Further the school has given me much practical help such as finding my way around the city, running all sorts of errands and other interesting activities.

The school is optimally located in the center of Fukuoka, allowing easy access to coffee shops, restaurants, and many interesting places to hang out before and after class. Fukuoka itself is a great city. Having traveled all over Japan, and having visited most of the main cities I find Fukuoka to be the most beautiful, convenient and fun city. The city offers many great parks, tourist attractions and places to hang out.

I strongly recommend this school to you. You will have both a great study experience and fun! When I studied here, I felt like part of a family!

Fukuoka Language Courses

Pascal Tremblay, Canada, Cirque du Soleil Staff

My name is Pascal. I'm from Montreal, Canada. I studied at this school for only 2 months, but this is what I remember from it: At that time, I had just started to learn Japanese, so my knowledge was very basic. First of all, the most important thing when you study something is to have your own self motivation, but this alone is not enough if you are not being led by a professional teacher to direct that motivation. That's the kind of guidance I got when I went to the school. The teachers there really helped me to get into it. They made learning a funny and interesting experience. The school is very dynamic, and the teaching quality set the standard for all other schools I attended (and I should mention that it hasn't been equaled yet!). I would also recommend this school because it's very inexpensive for that level of quality, and also because it's located in Kyushu , which is to me the best place to live in Japan. The quality of living there can not be found anywhere else: the food, the people, the sea and of course made my experience one that I will never forget. I know finding a school from abroad is difficult, but I'm really glad I chose this school. I hope that you too have this great opportunity to learn and live Japanese culture in a friendly and professional environment. Gambate!

Fukuoka Language Courses

Aaron Chambers, Canada, Student

This is a wonderful school. Here one experiences an atmosphere conductive to learning but that is also very friendly and fun. The staff is excellent, helpful and easily some of the kindest people I have ever met. While I studied at the school my skills in Japanese advanced rapidly and, even more importantly, I was able to meet many nice people and experience the astonishing Japanese culture first hand. But not only that, I was also able to meet people from all over the world and learn many things, first hand about their cultures as well. Overall, this is a school I would strongly recommend to anyone interested in learning Japanese language and about Japanese culture.

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