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Passing a standardized Japanese exam provides you with a way to prove your level of Japanese skill to potential employers, universities, and more. In addition, studying for exams is a great way to motivate yourself with a clear goal. While some exam skills can be studied for independently, working with a teacher greatly increases the speed and effectiveness of your learning. At our school in Fukuoka, we offer study study materials for the following three widely recognized exams:

  • The Japanese Language Proficiency Test, or JLPT - The most widely recognized and most popular test. Administered only once a year, on the first Sunday in December. Students can choose to take one of 4 levels.
  • The JETRO Business Japanese Test - A newer test, focused on practical business skills. Administered twice a year (June and November). Test-takers are given a level from J1 to J4.
  • The JTEST - This is the newest and least well-known of all the tests. It is held 5 times a year, and is relatively cheap to take.

Fukuoka Language CoursesWe offer specialized intensive courses designed to help you pass each of these tests. Courses are offered between September and November each year. To take our JLPT course, we require that students have attained the following proficiency levels:

  • Study for JLPT level 4: Students should have finished Genki book 1 or equivalent (i.e. book 1 of most major series)
  • Study for JLPT level 3: Students should have finished Genki book 2 or equivalent (i.e. book 2 of most major series)
  • Study for JLPT level 2: Students should have finished pre-Intermediate studies.
  • Study for JLPT level 1: JLPT level 1 is not offered as a standard class. To study for this, please request private classes.

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