Japanese Through Pop Culture

Do you love Japanese manga, music, and movies? Do you wish you knew what they were really saying?

Fukuoka Language CoursesThis course uses the latest in Japanese pop culture to teach you the Japanese language as it is really spoken today. You will study Japanese through movies and TV shows, listening to music, and reading manga and modern fiction and non-fiction writing. In-class and out-of-class activities are varied and fun, including:

  • role-plays as your favorite characters
  • writing your own manga
  • visits to a graphic design school to see the process of creating a new manga
  • analyzing the lyrics of popular songs
  • giving "pop culture questionnaires" to local people
  • using a video camera to record everyday life, and presenting it to your classmates
  • excursions to character goods events
  • going outside the classroom to listen to Japanese as it is really spoken

The materials for study are decided based on your interests and Japanese level. We keep a large library of Japanese manga and anime for different levels of learners, and are constantly adding more items as our students request them.

Fukuoka Language CoursesPlease note that this course is restricted to Beginner 2 level or higher students. As the materials used are real-world examples of anime, manga, etc., you are required to be able to speak some Japanese before you join this course.

We also have a huge collection of popular TV shows recorded to DVD for your educational benefit, from variety to manzai, from drama to current affairs.

Standard Weekly Schedule

  • Monday - Friday: Conversational Japanese, two 50-minute classes
  • Monday - Friday: Japanese grammar, two 50-minute classes, Pop Culture class, one 50-minute classe

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