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Japanese Language and Culture School in Fukuoka is a unique Japanese language school that offers students the opportunity to learn Japanese language and culture in a relaxed and friendly learning environment.

Application Deadlines

The first step to enrolling is to complete an Application form as far in advance as possible. This will insure that there will be space available for you in your selected course.

Normally, we must receive your application no later than 30 days before the program starts. However, for summer courses, we would recommend to apply 3 to 4 months in advance. We also accept last minute applications, but please be aware that acceptance of late applications is subject to space availability.

Maximim age: We don't have maximum age limit. While we have many university age students, we have many active seniors as well. The diversities of ages, nationalities, professsions, and interests of our students contribute to the unique experience you will have.

Minimum age: Students under the age of adulthood (18) who wish to come from abroad to study at our school must also send their parent or guardian's signature when confirming their application, as proof of parental approval. We reserve the right to reject applicants who we believe would be too young to homestay independent of their family.

We recommend that applicants be over the age of 13, as the pressures of coming alone to a (very) foreign country to study Japanese can be quite heavy.

How to apply?

You need to complete and return the Application. A non-refundable application fee of $100 and a tuition deposit of $200 are required with your application. The Tuition Deposit is part of the cost of your course and is deducted from the total program fees. Please note that your application will be considered only when your payment of the application fee and the tuition deposit has been received.

You may apply online via our secure online application form or you can print out a printable application form, complete it and send by mail or fax to the Enrollment Center. You will find links to both forms below:
  1. Online Secure Application Form. You may apply online if you pay the application and registration fees and the tuition deposit by credit card. We accept VISA and MasterCard. In our Online Secure Form, we utilize the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) authentication and RC4 128 bit encryption technology. SSL encryption protects information being transmitted across the internet to our processing center.

    Click here to access our Online Secure Application Form

  2. Printable Application Form: Click here to access a printable Application Form, print it out from your browser, complete the form and send it by fax or mail to the IPSA Enrollment Center.
Upon receiving your application and required payments, we will send you an e-mail (or fax) confirmation and invoice within four to five business days. The confirmation will contain the details of your course and all pertinent costs. The payment of the balance of fees is due upon receipt of invoice. Your place will be confirmed only when the full payment has been received. Once we receive your full payment, you will be sent an Official Letter of Acceptance, your host family confirmation, and airport pick up instructions (if we have your flight details).

Payment of Fees

We accept VISA and MasterCard. In our Online Secure Form, we utilize the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) authentication and RC4 128 bit encryption technology. SSL encryption protects information being transmitted across the internet to our processing center. You will find payment details and instructions on the online secure or printable application forms.

You may also pay fees by a certified check, money order or by wire transfer (bank draft). You will find payment details and instructions on the printable application form.

Click here to access our Online Secure Application Form

Financial Aid

In many cases, it is possible for students to transfer much or all of their financial aid to IPSA study abroad programs presented on this site. However, students should discuss specific plans with study abroad advisers and financial aid counselors well in advance of the program. It is the student's responsibility to understand the home institution's requiremnents and deadlines regarding all financial aid funds.

Academic Credits

Students who wish to receive credit for our programs should contact the study abroad office or language department at your college or university prior to starting the program. Present your plan to them asking for detailed requirements on how to arrange credit in advance. With the detailed information from your home-campus, we can typically provide syllabae and other documentation to complete arrangements.

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Other Terms and Conditions


IPSA and Member Schools are not liable in any cases of force majeure (according to the law) or for actions of the students and their consequences.


Please be sure that your passport will be valid for the duration of your stay in Japan and make your flight arrangements well in advance. Check with a Japanese Consulate or Embassy near you to find out if you need a tourist visa. Many countries' citizens can enter Japan without a visa (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, US) for varying lengths of time.

As of February 2008, Japan had taken measures concerning the waiver of visa requirements with 62 countries and regions, as shown in the accompanying table. Nationals of these countries and regions holding valid passports can apply for landing permission for short-term stays for such purposes as sightseeing and business trips without obtaining a visa. However, cases involving paid activities in Japan are excluded.

For more information about visa regulations in Japan, please visit A Guide to Japanese Visas.


    You will be required to provide proof of travel insurance to cover injury, illness and liability while studying in Japan and will be asked to sign a medical release form allowing the school to act on your behalf in the event of illness or injury, and an agreement to abide by the laws of Japan. Forms are included in the enrollment packet. Please make a copy of your travel insurance information that you can send by mail.

    Your travel insurance should cover the following items:
    1. Any medical/dental expenses that might result from accident or illness (any deductables will be at your expense so be sure to bring adequate funds)
    2. Liability in the event that you should be responsible for an accident at your homestay
    3. Coverage for emergency medical evacuation or the loss of your return ticket due to hospitalization or illness

    You might also consider protection against loss arising from:
    • baggage loss or delay
    • loss of travel documents
    • extra travel and accommodation expenses incurred to replace lost travel documents (you would have to go to Tokyo)

    The risks to be covered by travel insurance are in most cases not covered by your personal accident insurance or your medical insurance at home. Even if your insurance provides some travel coverage, check to be sure that it covers the items mentioned previously.

    Holders of premium credit cards often have travel insurance coverage automatically included. Please check with your credit card company and be prepared to provide proof of the details of the coverage.

Arrival and Departure Dates

    We recommend that you arrive the day prior to the start of your course and leave the day following your last class. However, if necessary we can usually arrange a few extra days with your host family before or after your course.

Student Behavior

    It is understood that any participate in a our program will obey the laws of the host country. This of course forbids the use of illegal drugs and alcohol consumption by minors. Students are expected to be courteous and respectful at all times and abusive behavior will not be tolerated. The School reserves the right to expel (without refund) any student whose behavior violates the schoolís policies or those of special program providers, tour operators, etc. Furthermore, any expenses incurred by the IPSA and school in terminating the program of a student who violates the centerís policies will be the responsibility of the participant.

Postponement of Courses, Changes, Last Minute Bookings and Payments

  1. The office must receive written notification at least 21 days before your course begins in order to transfer your reservation to a later course date.
  2. All fees are subject to change without notice and may vary according to the currency exchange rates.

Cancellation Policy

    Cancellation before the course starting date:

    Cancellation fees are charged as follows, and any balance is refunded less non-refundable items and bank fees and payment processing charges (if any)

    Cancellations received:

    • more than 30 days before the course begins: $200 cancellation fee;
    • more than 7, but less than 30 days before the course starting date:
    • cancellation fee in the amount of 30% of the program fees;
    • There is no refund if the cancellation received 7 or less days before the course starting date.

    In no case money will be refunded once the course and/or lodging has started.

    No refund can be given for partial attendance or the discontinuance or interruption of a course.

Official Holidays

The School does not reimburse classes that coincide with official holidays.

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