Italian Levels

There are 5 different levels of Italian. Students have to pass an entry test, written and oral, to be placed in the right level.

Each course level usually consists of 20 lessons a week over a period of 4 weeks. If you are good at languages and you work hard, it is possible to complete Beginner, Basic and Intermediate levels in 12 weeks.

At the end of the Intermediate level you already possess considerable knowledge of Italian. Your feeling for the language has become confident and your range of expressions has developed greatly and is more differentiated. You will be able to sit for the school certificate examination "Knowledge of the Italian language" and for the "Firenze-Diploma" DILI of the Accademia Italiana di Lingua.

  • Basic (beginner) - This course is designated for those students who are beginning Italian for the first time. By the end of the course, students will be able to form some of the basic structures in Italian and will have a basic knowledge of the Italian culture.

  • Level 2 (elementary) - This course is designed for those students who already have a previous knowledge of some of the basic structures in Italian. By the end of the program, students will have increased their level of grammar and vocabulary so they can express themselves functionally according to different contexts. They will also have a greater awareness of italian culture and society.

  • Level 3 (intermediate) - This course is designed for students having a general command of the more complex structures in the Italian language and a good vocabulary base. By the end of the course, students will be able to use their Italian more fluently and will have a greater understanding of the Italian way of life. The course attempts to improve the student's understanding of the linguistic and extra-linguistic structures in Italian.

  • Level 4 (advanced) - This course is designed for students possessing a solid knowledge of the Italian culture and are able to perform at a communicative level. By the end of the course, students will have gained a wider knowledge of the Italian culture and will be more proficient at expressing ideas at an abstract level.

  • Level 5 (proficiency) - This course is designated for those students with a high command of the Italian language. Special emphasis is placed on perfecting the student's oral and writing skills and also in developing a global perspective of the Italian culture in relation to the student's particular field of interest.

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Viareggio Language Courses At our Italian language school in Viareggio, we want you to be able to speak, read, understand and write in Italian as quickly as possible, which is important for you. Our trainers understand various teaching methods which are used to insure your utmost success.

Our Italian language courses represent a program of communication based on the realities of everyday life in Italy and include social and cultural aspects.

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