Italian language school in Tropea: Activities.

Living in Italy - even if it is only for a short time - is a unique experience, full of opportunities. At Italian Language School in Tropea we combine Italian language immersion studies with a wide range of excursions and other cultural and social activities year round to give our students an opportunity to immerse themselves in Italian culture and the way of life in Italy.

You can combine you Italian language classes with a week-long diving course, a few extra one-on-one courses, a wine course at our partner bar, La Munizione, or afternoon boat trips around the Eolie Islands or to Capo Vaticano (great snorkelling!!)

We also offer a limited number of mountain bikes free of charge for students and can arrange the rental of a car, motorino, or boat.

In other words, how you spend your time out of the classroom is open to a world of possibilities. We are always here to help you discover all that Tropea and Southern Italy have to offer.

Many of our students enjoy the beach, spend evenings out with us over dinner or drinks, and take advantage of Tropea's proximity to the sites of Calabria.

You can rent a car and drive around the region during the weekend, or you can take the train into the mountains and go on day trips, hiking or just exploring the local flavours of different sites.

However you choose to take advantage of your time here, we promise you will experience beauty, fine food, new friends, and that you will have a memorable time speaking Italian in Tropea.

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