Since all accommodation is privately owned and operated, there are minor differences in amenities, but all meet a standard level of quality and convenience and are monthly checked by our Accommodation Manager. In matching housing needs with what is available, everyone must keep in mind the seasonal and limited nature of housing resources in Taormina. The sooner you communicate your housing needs, firm registration and deposit, the better we can respond.

All housing is on a first reserved (after sending the deposit), first served basis, so we highly recommend making your reservation well in advance to secure optimal results.

Please, note that double rooms are intended only for two people who ALREADY know each other. We do not couple people together who previously did not know each other.


Available with single or double rooms. We have a limited number of families, couples and single adults who make available rooms in their residences. Many are available with boarding options (meals), which include breakfast only, half-board (breakfast & lunch or dinner) and full board. Obviously this accommodation option requires a greater commitment not only on the part of the property owner, but also on the part of the student. It is well suited to those who desire a more immersive learning experience and additional daily practice speaking Italian.

Shared Student Apartment

We can provide several shared students' apartments located throughout Taormina, available with single or double rooms. In shared apartments students have their own private room (single or double) and will share a common kitchen and bathroom(s). We recommend shared apartments as a great way to facilitate social/personal interactions with fellow students. Double rooms cannot be shared by 2 people who don't know each other previously and have not previously decided to share the room. The school does not pair people who do not know each other previously.

Independent Apartment

We also have a number of independent apartments available for those who prefer a private accommodation. Nearly all are intended for double occupancy (2 people). The price for one or two people is the same. Frequently however, we have single students who prefer the privacy of their own apartment and these apartments are also made available to them on a first reserved, first served basis.

Pensione & Hotels

Taormina offers an abundance of accommodations at all price levels. The school has negotiated special rates with a few 2 and 3-star hotels and can provide information on hotels at all levels as well as rooming houses. Please be advised that given the cyclical nature of the tourist industry, availability is highly unpredictable and, as with private accommodations, we recommend making reservations well in advance.

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Taormina Language Courses At our Italian language school in Taormina, we want you to be able to speak, read, understand and write in Italian as quickly as possible, which is important for you. Our trainers understand various teaching methods which are used to insure your utmost success.

Our Italian language courses represent a program of communication based on the realities of everyday life in Italy and include social and cultural aspects.

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