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Genoa reveals herself little by little. Her beauty lies in her magic old port, heart of the town, open gateway to overseas worlds, to the Mediterranean sea that has always been a link between different people, a cultural crossroads of ideas, religious beliefs, languages, goods. Genoa's beauty lies in the hills bowing around her bay like an amphitheatre, in her vertical cityscape, in her luxurious palaces, in the alleys of the medieval city swarming with life, where past and present meet.

Genoa Language CoursesGenoa's beauty lies in her sunny Gulf and in her Rivieras, a land of light and winds, momosa yellow, tangerine orange, oleander red, grey-green oliveland.

Genoa was European Capital of Culture in 2004: a fitting tribute, giving to the city's long-standing cultural ties. Genoa has a strong cultural background and several gurus of the Western world are Genoese, such as Christopher Columbus, Niccolo Paganini, Giuseppe Mazzini and Nobel prize winner Eugenio Montale.

Main sights

Genoa Language CoursesThe main features of central Genoa include Piazza de Ferrari, around which are sited the Opera and the Palace of the Doges. There is also a house where Christopher Columbus is said to have been born.

Strada Nuova (now Via Garibaldi), in the old city, was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2006. This district was designed in the mid-16th century to accommodate Mannerist palaces of the city's most eminent families, including Palazzo Rosso (now a museum), Palazzo Bianco, Palazzo Grimaldi and Palazzo Reale. The famous art college, Musei di Strada Nuova and the Palazzo del Principe are also located on this street.

Other landmarks of the city include St. Lawrence Cathedral (Cattedrale di San Lorenzo), the Old Harbor (Porto Antico), transformed into a mall by architect Renzo Piano, and the famous cemetery of Staglieno, renowned for its monuments and statues. The Museo d'Arte Orientale has one of the largest collections of Oriental art in Europe. The 19th century neo-gothic castle, Castello d'Albertis, once home to explorer Enrico Alberto d'Albertis, now houses the Museum of World Cultures.

Other than the old city sights, Genoa also has a large aquarium located in the above-mentioned old harbor. The Aquarium of Genoa is one of the largest in Europe.

The port of Genoa also contains an ancient lighthouse, called the "Torre della Lanterna" (i.e., "the tower of the lantern"). It is the oldest working lighthouse in the world[citation needed], one of the five tallest, and the tallest brick one, and it is Genoa's landmark.

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