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The quality of our homestay in Dublin is one of our key selling points. You will probably want to stay in half-board accommodation in a host family. It is a good way to learn about irish culture and live comfortably without spending too much money on rent and food.

The English school in Dublin is located in the center of the city so students have to travel to the suburbs where most of the families are. Our families are always in safe residential areas and almost all of our host families are within 45 minutes public transport travel of the school. The travelling time is from 20 -55 minutes maximum.

We are in the school Monday to Friday during your stay to help you if you have a question or a problem. As member of MEI-RELSA, our homestay families will:

  • Make sure you feel at home and part of the family.
  • Enjoy meals as a family occasion. We provide breakfast and evening meals every day.
  • Show you how to get to school and back again.
  • Have no-one else speaking your language staying in their house.
  • Have a maximum of 3 students staying.

Please note that, in modern Ireland, not all host families are a mother, a father and children. Single women, older couples and divorced people make excellent host families as well.


While we do not normally offer a hotel booking service, we are able to recommend the following hotels near to the the school:

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