Greek language courses on the Island of Ikaria, Greece

2018 Starting Dates and Program Fees, in Euro

Full Time Greek course

Starting dates: May 20, June 17*, July 12, July 23*, August 4, August 17*, September 9, November 11, 2017.

* 11-day course only
Durration Fee
11 days €690.00
17 days/td> €900.00
The fees for a 11-day course include: 36 hours of language learning (instruction, workshops) and 18 hours of activities in classes of 2 - 10 students, course materials and participation in activities. They DO NOT include bus tickets, entrance to museums exhibitions, cinemas etc, or food. In case, there is only one student of particular level in the class, the teaching hours must be reduced to 2 hours of instruction per day. In the last case, if students believe that it is necessary, we may offer additional hours for 17 Euro/hour.

Absolute beginners must attend a preparation course for at least 2 weeks before they will be able to participate in a beginners course (A1). The fees for absolute beginners include: 20 hours of language instruction in small classes of 1 - 2 students, course materials, participation in activities. In case of a class with 3 or more students the hours will be increased to the normal (40 hours of language learning) without any change in the fees.

Easter Holiday Greek course

Dates: April 9 - April 19, 2017

Easter Sunday for both Orthodoxes & Catholics: 16 April 2017
Durration Fee
11 days €690.00


Option Cost
Private room (one person), 11-day course €300
Private room (one person), 17-day course €450
Private room (two persons), 11-day course €350
Private room (two persons), 17-day course €490

Other Fees, per person

Application fee* $100.00
Bank fee $45.00
* - non-refundable
All prices are subject to change without notice.

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