Greek language courses on the Island of Ikaria, Greece

Activities on the Island of Ikaria

Students and residents of the hostel in Ikaria will have the oportunity to participate in some of the following activities:

  • Slide projection: Ikaria (language Greek & English) - Learn about the island: History of the island, architecture, contemporary life

  • Slide projections: lectures (language: Greek & English) What is "Rebetiko"? What is classical Greece and what is it's relation with the contemporary country? What is the contemporary Greek painting and what is it's connection with the Greek history? Is there contemporary Greek music? What do we do in Greece about environment? These are only some of the questions - subjects we try to answer. Each lecture is accompanied by a lot of slides, videos and music.

  • Hiking on the mountains: Meet the nature of the island

  • Visit the museum - a tour around the island: A visit to the archaeological museum of Kampos. We continue to the monastery Theoktisti or to the castle of Messaria or to other ancient and Byzantine monuments (like the temple of Artemis in Nas, the Byzantine church of Kampos etc.) and natural reserves of the island.

  • Greek cooking lessons: Cook with us in the yard of an traditional house with amazing view. Prepare traditional Greek and local plates, then taste them!

  • Traditional Greek dance lessons & Greek songs: Learn and sing Greek songs in Greek! Sometimes with the help of Konstantinos and his bouzouki. Also learn how to dance traditional Greek dances. Then you can practice dancing in the local "panigiri"

  • Meeting with local artisans: We visit a local artisan and talk with a him about his work and life on the island.

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