Accommodation Options

We offer you the following accommodation options: single rooms either with a host family, in a shared flat or in a student residence (internet access and cleaning service provided; bathroom and ktichen to be shared). On request we can also arrange a room for you in a hotel or a hostel.

Student Residence

Our school naturally takes care of the accommodation of its students. A number of our students have a chance of living in our student residence. The student residence can be reached by bus in about 10 mins from the school. It has a large garden that can be well used in the summer time. The building was renovated at the beginning of 2006, the rooms are light and clean. There are 3 bathrooms, a big kitchen and a living room with a big table and a TV. There is also internet in the house. The size of the rooms varies between 20 and 30 m and they are equipped with furniture.

There are further rooms in a sharing flat in the immediate neighbourhood of the school. In each of the apartments there are 3 rooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. These rooms are centrally located, though a bit smaller than the ones in a student residence. In this case the language students share a fully equipped flat situated in the neighbourhood of the school. They can choose between a single or a double room. The kitchen, bathroom and a living room have to be shared.

For students who would like to live on their own with a separate kitchen and bathroom, we offer small apartments.


Another option would be a host family. Living with a host family is the best way to get to know the german way of life and hospitality as well as to improve ones german in contact with native speakers of german.


There is also a possibility to book a hotel room or a room in a hostel. The accommodation in a hotel/guesthouse is recommended for groups, or if one stays for a short period of time. By request we can book single or double rooms in hotels or guesthouses of different categories in the city centre in Heidelberg.

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German Language Courses in GermanyOur classes are composed in an interactive and communicative way, which makes one familiar with the language from the very first lesson hour. The innovative teaching method comprises modern learning materials with a wide range of themes and texts pulled from newspapers and magazines. In a classroom context we support and challenge our students by means of our attentive assistance in small learning groups.

You will study German in small groups: on average our German group courses only have 7 students with maximum 12, so you can learn German more intensively.

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