Courses for Executives and Professionals

Someone in a position such as yours hardly has the time to take part in a "classic" German language course over several weeks or even months. What is more, your individual learning requirements, the pace, the time constraints have to be taken into consideration. That is why we developed a flexible learning program which lets you set up priorities and create your own individual time frame. You may choose to study from 2 to 8 hours a day, any number of days a week, and any number of weeks.

We offer:

  • Executive Business German
  • German for Lawyers
  • German for Aviation and Aircraft Designers
  • Medical German
  • German for Politicians
  • German for Diplomats
  • German for Public Relations Professionals
  • German for Shipbuilders

We run specialized individual German language courses on request, i.e. any professional specialization is available.

Before the actual German language course starts, we will meet you for a placement test and a needs analysis session. The language-learning program will be based on this, and it may consist of a variety of modules. The intensive one-to-one Executive German language course serves to brush up your basic knowledge as well as introducing professional vocabulary and new linguistic structures in typical conversational situations.

Contents, situations and topics of our Executive German language courses:

  • Professional topics: Workplace, everyday working life - company structure - curriculum vitae

  • Communication with business partners: Introducing, appropriate linguistic activity - negotiations: strategies, practice - professional talks - conversation, "after hours"-talks

  • Taking part in conferences, seminars and congresses: Following speeches and lectures - Filtering: relevant and irrelevant information - Taking part in discussions - Presentations, mediation

  • Telephoning, Video-Conferencing: Setting up appointments - clarifying questions - Collecting information - passing on information - non-visual communication

  • Professional vocabulary: Creation of one's own topic-related glossary for self study and as background information

  • Grammar revision: The tenses - conditionals - comparatives - adjectives /adverbs - modal verbs - passive voice - reported speech etc. - Further topics are chosen according to your needs and prerequisites

  • Exercises on pronunciation and intonation

We offer Excellent material. We do not use one teaching book on all occasions. Your wishes, your needs, and your levels - that is what really counts when we choose materials. We work with the most modern books for foreign language didactics, covering a wide range from everyday to technical language, to business and commercial communication. In addition, we use materials developed especially for you, i.e. texts, audio and video resources, language learning programmes and communicative exercises.

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