Social Programs and Activities in Paris

With our Social Programs and Activities in Paris you will have a first hand opportunity to meet people and discover Paris! As a world capital for arts and culture, Paris has a lot to offer. You will have lots of opportunities to explore the city's celebrated cultural heritage, socialize with the Parisians and practise your French while sharing their vivid cultural lifestyle.

We arrange cultural visits and excursions for you to discover Paris' most interesting places in real Parisian style! Our choice of visits inside Paris includes:

  • A unique experience of the Louvre
  • French writers' houses and ways of life
  • Attend a radio show
  • Right bank-left bank spirit
  • Following Amélie Poulain in Montmartre
  • University life
  • Following Paris' songs
  • French markets
  • French food
  • Actors and theaters
  • Paris' gardens
  • We organize excursions to visit the most beautiful places around Paris like the palace of Versailles, the amazing house and garden of Claude Monet or the castle of Fontainebleau's inhabited by all sovereigns since the Middle Ages.

    Welcome to Paris! Offering A unique program of language-learning activities this course will immerse you in the French language and develop your communication skills both inside and outside the classroom.

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