French for College Students. U.S. College Credit.

Study abroad in France! Spend a semester, summer abroad in Nice or just take French language course any time of the year.

Some American colleges require only national recognition status in order to accept that school for credit purposes. If this is the case with your college, then obtaining college credits should be a fairly painless procedure.

Our school was one of the first French language schools in France to obtain the label of "Quality French as a foreign language (FFL) School" approved by the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Our French Language School in Nice is also accredited for the "Bildungsurlaub" in Germany (Hamburg, Hessen) and by the CSN in Sweden.

To receive direct credit for your study abroad program in France offered at our school, you need to get approval from your own institution prior to beginning your studies. We are happy to provide any necessary information to help you do this. We are more than willing to provide your university with the course information such as: course syllabus, total hours taken, teacher evaluation, attendance report, curriculum covered, final exam with letter grade, etc., in order to grant academic credit for your course.

At the end of your studies we will also provide, upon request, a detailed transcript of your work for you to take back to your home institution.

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