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French Language School
on the French Riviera

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French Language School
on the French Riviera

The French Language School on the French Riviera offers a unique experience of learning French in one of the world's most beautiful surroundings of Côte d’Azur. It's more than a school. It's a European meeting place where you will be given the ability to understand and use the French language to communicate in practical situations.

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Welcome to Côte d’Azur!
Learn French on the French Riviera!

    The French Language School on the French Riviera is an intensive learning center of the French language and culture. Lessons, accommodation, sports and activities… you are invited to discover, for two weeks or a few months a unique combination of the flavours of Provence and the blue of the Mediterranean sea.

    To help you to achieve quickly your personal or professional goals, we combined experience, imagination and teaching skills in a prestigious place, wide open to the sea… and to the world.

    With a wide choice of courses and accommodation options, our French Language school on the French Riviera offers outstanding value for students who wish to learn French and experience life in France. Every year the School welcomes students from nearly 90 countries, creating a multicultural environment in which to learn French and make friends.

    The school is located in the town of La Napoule, 10 minutes west of Cannes. Click here for more information about La Napoule.

    The school campus is located in 2 castles (château) only 500 metres apart. Each castle provides accommodation and contains internet services, car parking, laundry facilities, a restaurant and a bar. They are near all conveniences, trade, restaurants and the train station. The château d'Agecroft and the château Clews offer the ideal setting in which to learn French, relax and really discover France. Click here to see the map of La Napoule.

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French in France Learn French

    Château d'Agecroft is a private holiday resort which welcomes French families and our students. Unlike any other school in France, the French Language School on the French Riviera offers a unique French immersion program: you have an opportunity to really practice French in everyday life situations. The castle of Agecroft has a number of activities for you to choose ranging from animations to shows. A swimming pool, sports ground, library, and projection room are also available for use. These are free of charge

    Perfectly restored, Château d'Agecroft comprises the reception area, the restaurant while the modern buildings include the classrooms and apartments all in a 14 hectare park.

    The campus of our French Language School provides everything necessary to make your stay enjoyable: swimming pool, solarium, theater, library, bars and a panoramic restaurant.

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